8 Reasons Why SEO Matters? Why It is Important in 2021?

Why SEO matters

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During the last 26 years of their origin, the techniques of search engine optimization (SEO) have been playing their crucial roles in helping webmasters to market their web content to the most potential customers with less or in about no financial investment. However, during the last few years, the necessity of SEO became more visible. It happened just because of the rise in competition.

Competition grew at such a rate that marketers were hardly prepared for it. Trustworthy search engines like Google became heavily crowded. Search engines also became stricter to be the best representatives of quality content. Simultaneously, as the competition increased, other digital platforms like social media became costlier.

There was a time that websites were getting traffic even though there was less focusing on SEO. But the days have already over. SEO became more difficult, but the importance grew. Beginning in mid-2019, SEO started demanding more attention from webmasters and digital marketers. Businesses who were unwilling to accept the strength of SEO a few years ago, begun to embrace it wholeheartedly as their primary marketing strategy.

The importance of SEO is increasing rapidly and will grow for the next many years before it reaches saturation. In 2020, it is the most crucial digital marketing technique that has far-reaching and everlasting effects. It has already become an essential part of digital marketing, as well as website design. It is all about how people will discover your website and the content therein, such as products, services, etc.

Why SEO is important in digital marketing strategy?

It’s not all. SEO is also crucial to businesses and websites for many other reasons. The best reasons that SEO matters are as follow:

1. SEO is Highly Cost-Effective

No one on the planet earth has ever heard of any other marketing technique that is as cost-effective as SEO. To a large extend, SEO is free. That means you aren’t going to pay any platform provider for the service. No search engine demands money from you for the sequence of invaluable services it provides to you. Search engines will crawl, discover, index, rank, and showcase your content for entirely free. They will also suggest you for betterment.

You aren’t going to spend a single penny for SEO unless you are going to hire an SEO expert or an agency to do all the setting and continuous improvement work for your website’s visibility on search engines.

SEO specialists generally demand high for their services. It has a reason; SEO isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It needs sufficient competency and experiences. Besides, competition is ever-growing. However, the amount you need to spend on your SEO professionals is many times cheaper than the fruit you’re going to reap. ROI in SEO is highest among all digital activities.

In the case of a paid form of marketing, you’ll get the visitors to your site as long as you are willing or able to pay. But for any reason, one day, you are going to pay nothing. And from the next moment, you’ll find no or inconsiderable numbers of visitors to your site. What can save you from such an unwanted situation? It’s the SEO, the evergreen free service.

2. SEO Improves Reliability and Trust

People hate ads. The phenomenon of ad blocking is growing at an alarming rate. However, everyone loves each appearance that truly qualifies for it.

SEO best practices increase the chances of qualified visibility of web content in search engine results. Qualification matters a lot, but the advertisement a little.

Search engine result pages (SERPs) display both paid (advertisements) and unpaid results (generic web content by quality) results for relevant search queries. People know the fact that one can get the first position by adequately paying the publishers, but getting a rank by not paying is the real strength that defines quality. Hence people tend towards the generic results on a SERP. When the internet users find a search result without an ‘Ad’ tag, they pay more faith in it. It is normal human behavior to choose one that is not an ad. It is why SEO helps in earning trust.

SEO is also reliable from the website’s owner’s point of view. You might have a highly decorated website with many visual effects like eye-catching parallel scrolling, wonderful slide shows, hovering impacts, and many more. But there might be a difficult situation – no one or very few people are visiting your site. Since you’ve low visitors to your site, it’s hardly serving any purpose. So, it’s good for nothing! It is not an uncommon situation. Many businesses suffer from it.

To overcome the above difficulty, you have many options, such as –

  • You may advertise on many online platforms such as Facebook or Google. By clicking on the ads, your potential customers will visit your site. You need to pay the publisher for each ad that is clicked. The next moment you deny to pay, none of your ads will get visible to your potential customers.
  • You may do nothing except waiting for magic. But be sure – no magic works. So, you require to do either paid advertising or SEO.
  • You may do SEO for your website. For SEO, you only need to follow the criteria laid by search engines like Google or Bing. But you don’t need to pay.

You’ll love the last activity.

3. SEO Drive More Organic Traffic

The ultimate goal of any web marketing activity is to drive sufficient traffic to the website to convert them into real customers. According to a survey released in January 2020, an average of 52% of traffic to a website comes through the generic results from search engine searches. Rest 48% visit sites through other referrals that count to about a dozen and mostly paid. On average, each of the alternative marketing methods counts for about 5% of quality traffic while SEO fulfills it by ten times.

In the present day scenario, you are not unaware that the majority of people search for everything on the internet. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the other few are the facilitators that help people in finding their desired needs. For example, it may be – ‘parlor near me’, or the ‘best school for my child’, or ‘tax rate for the financial year’ or any other requirement.

People search on search engines, not only to find answers. They act following the response they receive. Search engines provide results to search queries. All the responses come from websites. Your website can have chances to be qualified to supply answers to the relevant queries by search engine users. To be qualified to have an appearance on search engines, you need your website to be optimized for it.

4. SEO Builds Real Brand Reputation

Visibility of your pages at the top of a search engine result page (SERP) without any ‘Ad’ tag creates an impression that you are one of the top brands. Getting attracted to a lid brand is human.

A website that practices best SEO, get better chances of being visible on the first page of search engine results, and even with rich snippets. People normally get more attracted to such websites. Continuous impressions on search engine result pages also creates brand awareness. It means, better SEO directly contributes to a better brand reputation.

The difference is there. Brand building through advertising is not equal to that through organic efforts. The latter brings an intense and long-lasting impression. Ads can’t go up to this extension.

5. SEO Helps You to Go Ahead of Competition

If you’re good at SEO, you can go ahead of the competition. Those are who are investing heavily in paid search engine marketing (SEM) may lag behind you. You may need to improve your organic search presence by improving the quality of your website and web content.

Better ranking by search engines through organic attempts is many times stronger than getting the position through paid advertising.

In most cases, companies spend in paid advertising after being failed in improving organic search visibility. It happens because they are weak in SEO. However, paid to advertise can’t help to the extent that organic SEO can do. It is the reason that SEO is a crucial business need.

6. SEO Fulfills Long Term Goals

The impact of any SEO activity lasts for many years. Once your web pages achieve a good rank, they continue to enjoy the same for years. You specifically need to watch the competition and work as required.

SEO doesn’t start working all at a sudden. Rather it takes time. But when it starts bringing the results, it keeps bringing then for long terms. The result of any SEO activity lasts for many years. Once your web pages achieve a good rank, they continue to enjoy the same for years. You just need to watch the competition and work as required.

Short term goals can be fulfilled by paid advertisements, but SEO is crucial for long term objectives. Once you can accelerate the organic visibility of your webpages on search results, you don’t need to pay much for ads. Gradually, you can minimize your ad budget and maximize your SEO activities.

Although SEO is evolving and you need to adopt new strategies with changes in time, your essential SEO activities will hopefully remain the same. The result of your previous SEO efforts will help your new SEO activities. Gradually, you’ll get more traffic to your site. Initial SEO activities will help your next SEO efforts.

7. SEO is Convenient for Any Size of Business

Small or large – for any size of business, SEO is convenient. But other marketing and promotion strategies may not be suitable for small businesses in particular.

In the case of paid marketing, big brothers have a larger share. But since SEO is free, everyone has their equal shares. The difference is in efforts, not in sizes or investment. It’s not about your financial strength and business size; it is all about your efforts in practicing the best SEO. If you’re good at SEO, your website will get more traffics than the big businesses which are not serious about SEO.

Besides large scale SEO activities, small businesses can also get benefit from local SEO. It doesn’t require many efforts, as well it’s less competitive.

8. SEO is Highly Automatic

While all other forms of digital marketing require more or less manual management, SEO is highly automatic. After connecting your website with Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster through submitting the sitemaps, it’ll be the functions of search engines to decide how to present your website and web-pages for those who need it. You don’t need to worried much about the presentation.

Search engine indexing is more autonomous and less deliberate. The chances that your website is indexed automatically without your endeavor is more as the search engine crawlers attempt their best to crawl each URL available on the internet. It’s best advisable that you need to optimize your website for the search engine at the earliest.

So, why shouldn’t you thrive for the topmost marketing approach for your website and ultimately for your business? Why should you ignore such a powerful tool in your hand? It’s not only crucial for many practical reasons, but it’s also a mandatory marketing requirement in 2020 and for the next many years. 

Whenever you enter a query in a search engine such as Google or Bing or Yahoo and hit ‘enter’, within a few seconds, you’ll get a list of web results that contain that query term within few seconds. Generally, you may tend to visit websites that are at the top of the list in the first search engine result page (SERP) as they perceive those to be more relevant to the query. You may click on any of the results that appear on the top of the SERP, or you could scroll down to find out more outcomes, or you may go for the next pages. But as a general indication, most of the users of search engines click on any one of the first few results that seem to be more relevant for his/her search terms or assumed requirements. Maybe the user is satisfied with the information or news services or products available in a single search result, or he/she might search for another website depending upon his/her requirements and satisfaction. Out of more than 4.47 billion web pages, there might be many thousands or even millions of results for a particular search term.

Now you’re well aware of the strength of SEO and its crucial role in digital marketing. You’re aware that SEO is not only required; but an integral part of all your business and marketing activities that can ensure consistent sustainability, speedy growth, and ROI.

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    SEO is an essential long term strategy that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of.

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    SEO matters because it can bring you long term sustainable success. SEO matters it’s free. SEO is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy. Without SEO, you can fail.

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    It’s a wothful post on the strength of SEO. The post, accurately, reads that SEO is the master among all digital marketing strategies. We can’t think of digital marketing without SEO.

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    SEO also help websites to demonstrate their quality and authenticity. All those web contents that genuinely deserve to be on the first page of Google or Bing, will definitely on the first page. SEO is a helping factor in this regards.

    • Prabash Sahoo says:

      Hi B S Naidu,
      I would love to acknowledge the relevance of your comment withthe content of the post. You’re really analytical. Best regards.

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    Till far the search engine is there, SEO is crucial. Neither any webmaster, nor any content writer, nor any digital marketer, nore any business owner can ignore SEO.
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      Hi Meera,
      Thank you for the comment. I’m glad to acknowledge that your comment corresponds with the guiding principles of SEO.

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    Three is also a negative assumption that says ‘SEO is dead.’ I believe the assumption exists due to the difficulties in practicing effective SEO. I would love to invite your expert opinion on this.

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      Hi Peter,
      Thanks for commenting on the post and mentioning the assumption that exists in few far corners related to the practical aspects of SEO. It’s not new that many digital marketers believe that SEO is unable to bring the intended result. They believe that the same result can be achieved through many alternative methods, such as, paid marketing.
      I would love to inform that such notions come from the inabilities in coping with the ever changing SEO factors. This is purely a notion associated with lack of skill, understanding and consistency. Those who started spreading about the enormous power of SEO are the people those don’t want to improve their professional competency. Anything that is difficult requires greater skill level. This is also a reason why the true SEO professionals faces less competition.
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