What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

Meaning and importance of social media optimization (SMO)

Although Social Media Optimization (SMO) is sometimes used interchangeably with Social Media Marketing (SMM), there are many big differences between the two. While SMM is mostly about promoting products, services, brands, and websites on social media through paid advertisements, SMO is essentially about strategic activities on social platforms that can fulfill long term achievements like branding and improvement in a website’s traffic. SMO starts from a website and goes up to diverse collaborative efforts between the website and social media outlets. In fact, it’s a complex task that requires much effort and multiple channels.

Like search engine optimization (SEO), SMO is also an organic effort. It means, in the case of SMO, you don’t necessarily need to pay the media channels from where you will get an adequate amount of relevant traffic to your website. Everything depends upon your efforts and abilities.

SMO can be explained in four different ways. Those are:

Steps Involves in SMO

To do SMO, you need the following steps:

  • Improving the technical aspects of your website (technical SMO)
  • Creating quality and relevant content that can attract an audience from popular social media (creative SMO)
  • Optimizing your content sharing on almost all relevant social platform (strategic SMO)

How is SMO Different from SMM?

There are seven important aspects that you should know about SMO and SMM.

  • Although in digital marketing and online promotion, social media marketing (SMM) plays a crucial role, that is not as complex as SMO.
  • While SMM is highly concentrated with your social media fane pages and business accounts, SMO requires wider channel collaboration including your website.
  • In the case of SMO, your website must be properly optimized for better results. It’s not so crucial for SMM.
  • SMO requires better optimization of your social media accounts and pages than SMM.
  • Networking skill is more crucial in SMO than SMM.
  • SME is mostly an organic activity, while SMM mainly comprises paid ads. It means you don’t necessarily need to pay to the social media channel for optimizing the presence of your business on the platform.
  • SME is the first step that you need to do before SMM. Without proper SMO, your SMM campaigns can fail.

How is SME different from SEO

Although few novice bloggers see SMO as something similar to SEO, there are many differences between the two. The prominent differences are:

  • SEO is all about the efforts of optimizing webpages for better visibility on search engines only. But SMO is mostly about improving the visibility of webpages on diverse platforms including social bookmarking sites, social media, microblogs, community forums, RSS feeds, etc.
  • SMO indirectly affects SEO as it helps in the visibility of web content on search engines through multiple sources.
  • In comparison to SEO, SMO requires more off-page activities. You need to optimize your content differently for different social media.
  • Off-page SEO is mostly driven by the idea of backlink earning. SMO has nothing to do with backlinks. Major search engines including Google don’t honor social signals.

Why SMO is Important?

SMO is a highly essential digital marketing technique for the following reasons:

  • SMO can help you in achieving long term goals and objectives. Like SEO, although SMO brings late results, the effects last for many years.
  • SMO can help your content go viral. There is no other technique that can make you a viral brand.
  • SMO creates necessary situations that can help you directly interact with your customers and prospects.
  • Through providing opportunities for real-time interaction with your audience, SMO further facilitates better relations and rapport with them.
  • SMO is completely an inbound marketing strategy. That is to say, your customers will gradually love to come near to you and your brand.
  • Like SEO, SMO is also very cost-effective.

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