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If you are looking to learn how to prepare the best professional quote for website design and development for your client, you are in the right place.

This guide will help you in preparing the most professional proposal for your web design services that your client will love. Along with this, I’ll provide a sample template that you can copy and use for creating your web design and development proposal.

The most important aspect of drafting a quote or proposal is that it can appeal to the clients so that they will not reject it.

Most of the time, a proposal is rejected by the client due to bad design or poor drafting. A well-drafted bid maximize the chances that your client will accept it, and you will win the deal.

Creating the right proposal is an art, as well as a science. I’ll guide you throughout the art and science of drafting an appealing proposal for your web design services.

What does It Mean by a Good Web Design Proposal?

A professional website design proposal is a carefully drafted quotation that includes everything of the project with great clarity. The compact but comprehensive scope and features of the project should be in the proposal with tabulated cost estimation.

A website development/design proposal is not everything about the pricing or the estimated cost. Since website design is a service, there are many things beyond the price tags. Some crucial aspects are:

  • What is the scope of the project?
  • How much time will you take to complete the project?
  • What features will you include on a website at a specific price tag?

How to Write a Professional Web Design Proposal?

Creating or drafting a professional website development proposal for your client isn’t a difficult task. You need to know what you should include in it, and how to arrange the information. It will take less than half an hour to create a very impressive proposal.

If you use our sample template, it’ll be easier for you. You can edit it as per your requirement. Fifteen minutes is adequate to serve your client with a professionally designed proposal.

Web Design Proposal Parts

The following should be the parts or sections of an excellent professional web design proposal.

  • Cover page
  • Company Overview
  • Proposal overview
  • Website features
    • Website basic structure
    • Frontend architecture
    • Admin panel architecture
    • Backend technology
    • Hosting, additional features, and add-ons
  • Project timeline and schedule
  • Estimated cost factors
  • Terms and conditions

Cover Page

The cover page of your web design proposal/quote should include the following information:

  • Name and logo of your company
  • Your complete address, email, phone number, and website link
  • Designation/name and full address of your client
  • Proposal name and a brief description

Although you can design the cover page of your proposal differently, you can get an idea from the following sample.

Example of website design proposal - cover page
A sample cover page of a website development proposal

Company Overview

The first thing that you should include in your proposal is a brief description of your company/business in two or three paragraphs. It can help your client know your company.

The company overview section can contain:

  • A brief introduction to your company in a few sentences
  • Your achievements and milestones in bullet points
  • Your important clients
  • Few clients testimonials

This section will help you showcase your credibility.

Company Overview – Website Design Proposal

Project Overview

This section will summarize the entire proposal in a few sentences or bullet points. Make it brief and clear.

Website Features

It is the first part of the main proposal. Include everything that the proposed website can have. Include both the front end and back end features along with the technical specification. For better clarity, use bullet points and tables, whenever required.

Timeline and Schedule

Depending upon the complexity level, a website creation project may take a few days to many weeks. Your client may not have any idea about the complexity and project duration. So it’s a great idea to help him with the detailed timelines of the project. It’ll also keep you safe as your client won’t call you before the due days.

For better convenience, provide the timelines in stages, as I’ve mentioned in the template in the next section.

Estimated Cost Factors

Money matters, and, therefore, this section in your proposal matters a lot.

Money matters, and, therefore, this section in your proposal matters a lot.
Never quote the cost of the project in a single line. Make elaboration. Create a table and list all cost factors separately. It will help your client to understand how a website project costs get calculated. It will also help you in winning the deal.

The following example can help you with how to include cost factors in your web development proposal.

Example of cost and price tag details in a website development proposal
Sample web design and hosting cost factors

Terms and Conditions

Never forget to include all the terms and conditions for your services that you need to inform your client. Note that it’s not an option but a necessity. It will keep you legally and professionally safe.

List all the terms and conditions one after another. If required, add a note. Make everything clear.

Example and Template of a Website Design and Development Proposal

The following is an example of a website creation proposal that you can serve your clients. You can use it as a template by copying and editing.

Proposal Overview

This proposal summarizes the estimated features, schedule and timelines, and investment required to deliver a successful website for the XYZ Institution.

Scope of the project includes: 

  • institutional web architecture design
  • fully dynamic and interactive web frame development
  • data conversion into application format for real-time management
  • integration of web applications and third-party plug-ins for better functionality
  • complete UX and UI enhancement 
  • making the site SEO and SMO ready
  • serving the purpose of the website as desired by the client.

The functionality of the website will be based upon the latest version of the technology and will be independent of other systems. The core programming language of the site will be PHP 7.4.3. We will use MySQL to manage the database.

At BusinessKrafts, we take it seriously that a website should serve all its purposes. We mean that we will craft the website through powerful graphic tools, developed by using robust technology, hosted in an industry-standard server with adequate disk space and bandwidth, and be secured with an SSL certificate, privacy guard, and DNSSEC. We also suggest enough SEO measures so that the website can be visible on search engines, and people will start visiting the site. Through this proposal, we also recommend our esteemed client help us make the website productive with content so that visitors can get benefits from the site.

Suggested Site structure

This site will have three parts:

  • Frontend – Visitor View
  • Backend II: Admin Panel
  • Backend I: Database

Frontend – Visitor View

Site Important Functionalities

  • Home page with
    • Beautiful slider
    • Hero section
    • Featured showcase section
    • Featured image section
    • Featured video section
    •  Recent notice section
    • Testimonial section
    • Contact section
  • Menus
    • Main menu with sub-menu option linking to important pages
    • Footer Menu linking to additional pages
    • Social menu linking to the social media profile
  • Forms
    • Contact Form
    • Feedback Form
    • Grievance/complaint Form
    • Query Form
  • Galleries
    • Image Gallery
    • Video Gallery
    • Download Gallery
  • Pages: Total 50+
    • Dynamic Pages: 40+
    • Static Pages: 10
  • Integration
    • Google Map
    • Social Links
    • Online Admission Form
    • Payment Gateway
  • UX/UI Features
    • Sitelink Search Box
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Deeplinks
    • Download
    • Hide/Show
  • Subscription Management
    • Subscription Form
    • Automated Mailer Lists
    • Automated Shout-out
    • Email Notification

Main Menu Structure

  • Home
    • About Us
    • History and Milestones
    • Vision and Mission
    • Ranking and Grading (NIRF, NBA, NAAC, etc.)
  • Administration
    • Governing Body
    • Principal
    • Bursar
    • Residential Dean
    • Residential Tutor
    • Administrative Council
    • Officers
  • Academics
    • Program Offered
    • Syllabi
    • Time Table
    • Departments
      • Department 1
      • Department 2
        • and up to all departments
    • Faculty Members
    • Academic Calendar
  • Admission
    • Admission Inquiry
    • Admission Criteria
    • Admission Form
    • Pay Fees
  • Facilities
    • Library
    • IT Infrastructure
    • Sports
    • Café/Canteen
    • Residence/Hostel
    • Placement
    • Equal Opportunity
    • Other Facilities
  • Feedback
  • Contact Us
  • Gallery
  • Download

Backend II: Admin Panel

Admin Panel Architecture will be like this:

  • Dashboard
  • Pages
    • All Pages
    • Add Page
    • Delete Page
    • Edit Page
  • Posts
    • All Posts
    • Add Posts
    • Delete Posts
    • Edit Posts
  • Gallery
    • All
    • Add
    • Delete
    • Edit
  • Forms
    • All Received
      • General Query Received
        • Open
        • Mark as Read
        • Respond
        • Archive
        • Delete
      • Feedback Received
        • Open
        • Mark as Read
        • Respond
        • Archive
        • Delete
      • Complaint / Grievance Responses
      • Admission Entries
    • Read Responses
    • Unread Responses
  • Payment
    • All Payments
    • Successful Payment
    • Failed Payment
    • Abandoned Cart
  • Users
    • All Users
      • Admin
      • Moderators
      • Editors
      • Authors
      • Contributors
      • Teachers
      • Students
    • Add User
    • Edit a User
    • Delete a user

Backend I: Database

A dedicated database will make your website data-centric dynamic and power your site to better functional. Data-centric refers to the fact that data presented on the site bases on a structured database of information. Dynamic refers to the fact that the content on the website is updated automatically when administrative staff makes changes to the data through the user-friendly control panel.

All information submitted and received goes through a database housed on the same server that hosts the website. By employing the database (for example, MySQL server), the portal becomes continuously dynamic, changing by the moment as users interact with the website admin and other users. A variety of data facilities will also be made available through the backend to allow the Information Services (IS) Manager to compact and repair the database from time to time and to manage the database itself. Since adequate technical skill is required to maintain a web database, we will keep it well-managed and maintained.

Proposed Timeline and Schedules

The followings are the tabular representation of the timeline and workflow of your website project.

Stage 1: Concept Development

Request for ProposalReceiving proposal request, conceptualizing the concept, visualizing the scope, and formalizing the description.Concept and scope
Proposal SubmissionWritten estimate of the scope, schedule, and the cost of the project by us.Schedule and cost by the development team
Agreement SigningDay 0Both the parties may agree in writing to proceed with the project.Agreement by both the party

Stage 2: Planning

Project RequirementDay 1Preparing and submitting a written plan that includes a general project overview, planning of resource and staffing, milestones, and other tactical details. This step will form the basis for the Project Definition Meeting.Project plan
Project Definition MeetingDay 2Project Definition Meeting with you to determine precise details concerning the scope of the project and to develop an accurate and detailed timeline outlining the development and delivery of the project, including deliverables for the development team   Definition will be drawn on exactly what will be included in the website and how it will be presented, on a detailed section-by-section basis. Implementation begins after this meeting.   Please Note: After the client signs on the creative and structural definitions, any change request may affect the timeline and/or the budget of the project.Information provided by you that includes relevant promotional/corporate material, research, and background information, etc.  
Project Specification IDay 3The designer from the team has to plan a precise visual project specification for the entire website. We will present the same to you.Visual specification
Project Specification – IIDay 4Developer completes the specific written description of the project as defined in Project Definition Meeting and approves product specification.
We will provide the Project Specification to you for approval. You will either approve the Project Specification or provide feedback on it to request revisions.
Changes after this date require changing in Order Form and may incur additional charges.
Project Specification approval  
Project Specification ReviewDay 4 The designer and development team will review your approval or revision request. Project specification complete

Stage 3: Implementation

UI and UX Architecture DesignDays 5 – 8The designer will design the complete UI and UX architecture for the front end of the website.  UX and UI architecture to the developers
Admin Panel Architecture DesignDay 9The designer will design the Admin Panel Architecture  Admin Panel Architecture by the designer to the developer team  
Content AccusationDay 10The development team will prepare a list of the required content and submit the same to you for delivery.Content by you in required format
Data ConversionDay  11Developer converts content into application formats. Application formats
Data IntegrationDay 12 – 13Developer imports and integrates data content into the website. Data integration into the website
CustomizationDays 14 – 15Developer creates unique graphics and screens (pages) for the website. Custom programming begins
Sample DevelopmentDays 16 – 19The developers will work to deliver the first samples. We will provide a couple of samples for your approval. You may either approve or provide your feedback to review. Sample to review
Final WebsiteDays 20 – 23The developers will work to deliver the final website. You need to provide approval for testing. Website to test
Server SetupDay 24Developer assists set up of web server, domain, and options Live website

Stage 4: Testing

Alpha Testing (Staging)Days 25 – 27Developer begins internal testing of application functionality. Bugs are systematically reported and fixed. We will confirm the functionality of the website
Beta Testing (Staging)Days 27 – 28During this step, we will validate the content and finalize the live project with a review by you. You will be requested to monitor the website and report any bug, media consistency, and other types of issues that include language errors and readability.You will confirm the functionality of the website

Stage 5: Admin Training

Admin TrainingDays 29-30Our trainer will train your assigned employee on using the admin panelProject Completion and maintenance begins

Special Notes & Terms and Conditions

  1. The Basic maintenance includes quarterly software updates, monthly bug fixing, monthly backup, internal backup keeping, and restoration on necessity.
  2. Please note that you have to provide content and images that will be on the website. The institution will also ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information provided.
  3. We only start work for our clients only after receiving written work orders and agreements. We are unable to honor any verbal work order that we receive through any other means.
  4. Please be confirmed about our products, services, policy, pricing, quality, and terms and conditions. Please feel free to ask for any additional information if you require it.
  5. The mentioned prices are valid for a maximum of one month from the date of shared with you from our official email account or WhatsApp number. Prices may change at any time without any prior notice. However, for existing clients for any service, pricing for the particular service is valid till the term ends. No new pricing policy will apply to them.
  6. Before placing an order, please be confirmed with updated prices, plans, and features. Please drop an email at [email protected]
  7. We start working after the realization of a 50% payment in advance for any job costs equal to or more than ₹19,900. You need to pay 25% after 50% work progress and the rest 25% after completion of the work that includes testing and optimizing. However, 100% advance payment is the condition for jobs that cost less than ₹19,900.
  8. Cancellation Policy: 100% refund if cancellation request received within 24 hours of the advance payment, 80% after 24 hours but before 48 hours, 60% after 48 hours but before 96 hours. We are unable to entail any refund of the advance amount in case the cancellation request comes after four days of payment.
  9. Refund Policy: 100% refund is guaranteed if you are not satisfied within a week of payment made. We cannot entertain any refund request after seven days of payment made. We will consider all eligible refund requests, only if received through email to [email protected]
  10. All major modes of online payments are accepted. Never pay in cash to any of our representatives.
  11. Additional service requests will cost extra.
  12. All disputes are subject to Jamshedpur jurisdiction only.

Concluding Notes on Creating an Effective Web Development Proposal

When you complete drafting the proposal, double-check for language and data errors. Being ensured that everything is OK, convert it into a PDF file. Add a digital signature line to the bid. It will help your clients accepting the proposal by putting their signatures.

Mail it to the client with a covering letter from your official email id. Don’t forget to add your name, designation, and phone number in the signature line of the email.

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