How Much Does a Website Cost in India in 2020?

Website cost in India

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When it’s about having a website for your business, you may wonder – how much I have to spend on it? You’ll wonder more often when you approach more web developers and designers to know the cost and charges. They might answer you with different price tags, and you might be confused. Your confusion might lead you toward a wrong decision. Therefore, it’s crucial to know how much it should cost to build a website that you require.

To help you know the real cost of a website, I’m presenting you with the cost factors that involve designing, developing, testing, hosting, content crating, and optimizing a website. Along with the cost factors, I’ll also help you in decision making in getting the correct type of website for your business. Having the right site is more crucial than having a website.

The cost of a website depends upon various factors, including how much work is involved. Work involvement depends upon four determinants – the size, appearance, purpose, and functionality of the website. Besides, you have to also pay for domain name registration, hosting plan, and other essential requirements. You can extend the services up to web security, annual maintenance, premium domain configuration, website back up, database management, content management system (CMS), content updates, search engine optimization (SEO), etc. There are also one time costs as well as annual recurring costs. Once you become familiar with these cost factors, you can determine how much you need to invest for your business website or an e-commerce site.

Answers to the question like ‘how much does a website cost’ can be highly confusing that further can lead you toward a wrong decision.

Let’s start with a simple example that is connected with our organization. We have an offer for low-cost websites. We offer website design, development, hosting with a free domain at just ₹3,900 ($56). The required annual cost for the same is fixed at ₹1490 ($22) that includes the hosting plan, domain renewal, software updates, bug fixing, and backup management. For this offer, we receive 50 to 60 orders in a month. At the same time, we also have website plans for our clients that go beyond lakh rupees ($1,450). We, generally, don’t charge less than ₹50,000 ($715) for a high-quality custom website.

It’s a matter that can confuse you. While you can have a website just at ₹3,900, why will you agree to pay more than a lakh rupees? However, even after adequately knowing about the cheapest offer, many of our clients pay us the amount that goes beyond a hundred times of our lowest price tag. The fact is that all websites are not equal. Different websites deliver results differently. The delivery depends on work involvement during and after developing and designing a website. Reality is that we charge for the time that we invest in building a professional website. There are also various types of payments to third-party service providers.

I may give you an idea of how much a website costs in India. For a typical small business in India, a website may cost from ₹4,000 ($56) to ₹100,000 ($1,400). You may also get it for free of cost.

It’s indeed a vast price range. You may ask – while you can get a website at cost zero, why should you pay up to ₹100,000 ($1,400), and how can such a big price range possible? This is the right question, and we should start from this point. I’ll tell you what you can get at different price ranges.

Websites at Different Price Ranges

Website cost in India

For convenience, I’m dividing the entire price ranges for small business websites into seven groups. You can get a website in India for your business at the following ranges:

  1. Free
  2. In around ₹5,000
  3. In around ₹10,000
  4. From ₹15,000 to ₹20,000
  5. From ₹20,000 to ₹30,000
  6. From ₹30,000 to ₹50,000
  7. In between ₹50,000 and ₹1,00,000

Free websites

It’s not surprising that you can get a website for free of cost. But that’s not recommended.

There are many platforms where you can get a free website. The simplest way to get a free site for your small local business is converting your Google My Business (GMB) profile into a website in a single click. Instantly, you’ll get a beautiful website with your contact details, images, posts, updates, products, services, store/office timing, location maps, and other information. Your site will look like this:

Google My Business website
A Google Business Site

The default URL of Google business site will be – [your_business_name] you can replace it with your custom domain name just by paying for the domain name registration. It’ll cost you around ₹800.00/year only.

You can also get your free website from multiple web builder platforms. The most popular are:

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Site123
  • Mozello

To get your free site from any web builder, you just need an account with the service provider and a few hours to customize your website. Most of the websites that are built through web builder tools certainly look professional. For example, see the following screenshot.

Screenshot of a wix website
A Wix Website

The default URL of your free website will be – [your_company_name].[service_provider’s_domain_name]. For example, a free Wix site’s home page URL will be [your_business_name] You can replace this URL by paying for your custom domain name. You can also upgrade your free site to paid one whenever you require it.

Should you have a free website?

You may wonder! While you can get a beautiful website for free of cost, why should you pay for a custom website? This is the right question to ask.

A free website, how much beautiful it may look, can’t help you in your business identity, branding, marketing, and other goals. It’s not surprising that half of the websites on the internet can’t serve a real purpose. This is why a free site built through any web builder tool isn’t recommended. It’s good for nothing to a real business.

Websites that cost around ₹5,000

By paying a few bucks, you can get a website that is a little better than the free one.

In the price range of ₹4,000 to ₹6,000, you can get either a Do It Yourself (DIY) website on a hosted platform like a web builder tool or a simple managed website on Content Management System (CMS) or a simple static website developed from a general concept. In this price range, your website will have the following characteristics depending upon how it is built.

If it is a website built with a web builder tool, your website will have just limited features. You can add more features by paying extra bucks. Hence, if you need a full-featured DIY website, the cost of your website will be many times higher.

A low-cost website that is built by using a CMS like WordPress will also have limited features. You can’t customize your design up to your satisfaction till you’ll not willing to pay for the additional features. No premium support will be available. Furthermore, since the hosting plan for your site is a low-cost shared hosting, you can’t get adequate disk space or a better processor. It will result in slowing down your website.

If a web designer offers you a website in around ₹5,000, it can be a basic site with few static pages. Since designing a website consumes a significant amount of time, no web designer will build a custom website for you just for a few thousand rupees. He’ll rather sell a single design with little modification to several clients. Your designer/developer will further host the site on a low-cost or free shared server that has low bandwidth and low disk space.

All four figures in INR (or two figures in US Dollar) websites will come with shared hosting with low disk space and zero security features. Websites in this price range can help you in merely being satisfied that you have a website. The fact is that no low-cost site can help in real business growth. Hence, simply it’s not recommended.

More about Hosted DIY Websites: Functions and Cost

A hosted website means that you don’t need a hosting plan for your site. It is already hosted on a server of larger web networks. DIY stands for ‘do it yourself’. It means, you neither need a developer to develop your site, or a designer to design it for you. It’s already developed and hosted. You just need to customize the site following your need. You don’t require to possess any technical skills to customize your DIY site. It’s as easy as fun.

So, why shouldn’t you have a DIY website?

The answer to your question depends on your requirement.

DIYs are just good for those who are just starting. I mean micro businesses at the starting level. It’s also good for individuals like celebrities or public figures or hobby bloggers. Micro and small levels of e-commerce operators for an initial year or two may choose a DIY. But it’s not recommended for medium and large businesses/organizations/institutions, freelance professionals, and professional bloggers.

If you are planing for hassle free e-commerce, you may try Shopify DIY e-commerce site. 15 days free trial is not a bad option.

Create a Shopify eCommerce store

Websites that cost around ₹10,000

By paying around ₹10,000 ($140), you can get a website that is better than a basic website with few more features. Although you’ve to choose a shared hosting plan for websites in this price range, your website can have some flexible features including interactivity. What you can get in this price are:

  • One domain
  • One shared hosting plan
  • Interactive or mobile compatible development
  • Up to ten pages
  • Contact and subscription forms
  • Initial media optimization for all file types
  • Basic content
  • Social media integration and sharing options
  • Basic SEO features

What you’ll not get in this price are:

  • Adequate disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Custom designed pages
  • Unique content
  • Advanced SEO features
  • Additional media optimization
  • Additional customization
  • Additional setup

However, if you’re willing to pay some extra bucks, you can upgrade your website. You can do it at any time.

Websites that cost in between ₹15,000 to ₹20,000

If you are just starting and want your business to be visible online, you need to spend little more than ₹15,000 on a website. Although at this price range, you have yet to go for shared hosting, you get a website that is customized for your special requirement. You’ll have adequate opportunities to upgrade your website at any time by paying some extra bucks. The salient features of your site in this price range will be:

  • One domain
  • Shared hosting
  • About 10 GB storage
  • Good bandwidth
  • Good speed
  • Up to 25 pages
  • Well optimized media
  • Interactive or mobile compatible design
  • Unique content up to:
    • 5,000 words
    • 25 images
    • one to two videos
  • Content management system (CSM)
  • Additional customization
  • Basic SEO features
  • Basic forms

Websites that cost you in between ₹20,000 and ₹30,000

₹20,000 to ₹30,000 is a good price range that can help you in getting a well-customized website that will fit a business that is just starting but aims at rapid scaling. You can have a VPS hosting for your website at this price range. Additionally, your developer will willing to develop a dynamic website, and your designer will work some extra hours to help you get the right type of website that you need for your business. The quality and features you can get for your site in this price range include:

  • One domain
  • VPS hosting
  • Backup for your website and additional disk space
  • Up to 50 pages
  • 15 to 25 GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 50% dynamic pages
  • Up to five dynamic forms
  • Unlimited upload opportunity
  • Advanced SEO features
  • Customized content and media
  • Secured website with SSL certificate and privacy guard
  • Additional security
  • Complete CMS features
  • Email marketing integration

Websites that cost you in between ₹30,000 and ₹50,000

For a small business, a budget in between ₹30,000 and ₹50,000 for a website is a good choice with few growth acceleration features. Besides business-standard hosting, optimal security, customized design, and technical search engine optimization, you can also get some dynamic features for your site in this price range. Highly skilled web designers and developers will happily consume time and utilize their innovative abilities for your website if you don’t hesitate to pay anything above ₹30,000 for the project.

I recommend to pay in between ₹30,000 and ₹50,000 that can assure you goal fulfillment and growth. However, if you’re not serious about the business value of your website, you may choose for a lower price range.

Websites that cost you in between ₹50,000 and ₹100,000

This is the price range that is suitable for a small business in India that wants to achieve certain defined goals through a website. This is a good price range that can help you in getting a wonderful dynamic website for your small business. You can also get an adequately effective eCommerce or booking site in this price range. In additions, your website can get the following features:

  • Hosted on business level VPS cloud hosting platform
  • Encrypted with Comodo SSL certificate for better security and higher guarantee
  • Premium domain with additional security and branding
  • Website developed by a highly skilled and experienced professional
  • Website crafted by a highly skilled and creative designer
  • Complete database management and dynamic features for your site
  • Optimized interactive features for the users of your site
  • Additional backup and staging site for your main website
  • A lot of web applications integrated to your site for better user experience (UX) and better customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Adequate useful content and complete content optimization
  • Assured search engine visibility of your website for few selected keywords

How to Select a Price Range for Your Website?

Web design cost in India

Getting a website is similar to getting a home. There is no fixed price. Everything depends upon your necessities and budget. In the case of a business website, the first aspect you should consider the real requirement that your business needs. Therefore, you should have a flexible budget for the website project. Since your website is the vehicle that can help you in your business growth, you should have priority on it while preparing your budget. Consider a roughly 10% of your setup budget kept separated for your website when you are going to get it for the first time. Your annual recurring budget for the website that includes domain and hosting plan renewal, security updates, backup and restore, staging site, bug fixing, site health check, troubleshooting, site maintenance, content updates, and few essential requirements should be in around 3% of your total annual budget. If you are in the growth stage, you need to increase the recurring budget by 1% to 2%. A stable business doesn’t need to spend more than 2.5% on the annual subscription and maintenance cost of a website.

The cost of your website also depends upon the objectives you wish to fulfill through it. If you want to just showcase your products and services on your website for referral purposes, it’ll not cost more than ₹15,000 as the setup price for a small business website. The annual subscription and maintenance cost will be around ₹7,000. However, it’s not recommended as it will never help in the growth of your business.

If you wish your website will be your growth accelerator for your small business, you should consider a price range in around ₹25,000 as the setup cost. Annual recurring costs should be around ₹10,000. This will help in getting a dynamic and interactive website with adequate user-friendly features. Your website will also be kept updated and checked-up regularly.

E-commerce business operators need to spend around ₹50,000 to get a very dynamic and powerful online store. Since a website is everything for an eCommerce operation, your priority should be on building a user-friendly and widely spreadable website for your eCommerce store. Since regular updates, bug fixing, troubleshooting, backup keeping, content enhancement, product management, pricing, and offer regularization, etc. are an integral part of an eCommerce site, your annual recurring cost will be around half of your initial setup cost.

If you are going to have a booking website for your restaurant or hospitality business or travel agency, your website will cost equal or little more than an eCommerce site. For a small restaurant or hotel business, it’ll be not more than ₹60,000 in India. The annual recurring cost will be half of the setup price.

How to Calculate the Actual Cost of Your Website?

It’s crucial that you can calculate the actual amount that you need to spend on your small business website. You can determine the cost of your website by specifying the type, size, complexity, and essential components as your business objectives are concerned. The essential aspects that you need to keep in minds are:

  • The level – from basic to professional and enterprise levels.
  • The size – single page website to websites having hundreds or even thousands of pages.
  • The style – simple template to complex custom template
  • Add-ons – forms, galleries, social media integration, event schedule, blog, analytics, onsite search, etc.
  • Content – stock or copyright images, videos, logo, blog, etc.
  • Website control – no comfort level to high comfort level
  • E-Commerce products – no products to thousands of products
  • Booking features – no booking option to dynamic booking features

On the basis of the above features, you can calculate the price of your website. Recheck the cost factors of your website as it’s illustrated in the bellow image.

Cost factors of a business website including eCommerce store
Basic cost factors of a small business website

Final Thought: How Much Should a Website Cost?

While investing in a website, you should have adequate homework. Research the website type that you require. Make a complete list of features and add-ons you need for your website. Decide the style that will best suit your business objects. Think about the hosting plan that will better suitable for your budget. Only after investing adequate time on your homework, meet the team that consists of both designers and developers to discuss details of your requirements. Let the team serve with a custom quote.

If you wish to hire a developer from a distant place that you can’t visit, there is no issue. It’s wise to choose a reputed developer over someone in your city with less credibility. You can mail your requirement to the team. Discuss over phone or chat. Let the developer make a custom quotation as per your necessity.

Never be hurry in getting the quote. It may take time to serve the best price quote for your requirement. Let the designer and developer team work adequately to prepare the quotation. It may take 24 hours to 72 hours. Anyone mailing you a proposal just within one or two hours of asking for the same mightn’t be serious about your real requirement. Such a company can’t serve with a custom quote. A ready-made quotation can’t help in getting the right type of website.

It is not smart to ask a web designer or a developer that how much a website costs. It’s an obscure question, and no one can answer you correctly. So your question should be – ‘how much I should invest in getting the right type of website for my business.’

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