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Website Design and Development Services in Jamshedpur

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Whenever it’s about website design, development, hosting, or eCommerce site creation, or any web audit and security services in Jharkhand, the services by BusinessKrafts is uniquely outstanding.


What Makes Us Really Unique?

Website Design Service

Our Primary Focuses in Website Design

  • Speed and rendering path hindrance blockage
  • Responsiveness – multi device compatibility and highly mobile friendliness
  • Easy navigability and simplicity
  • Cut-end technology
  • Proper code distribution – neat and well written coding
  • Visual hierarchy – smart utilization of white spaces
  • Typography proportion – use of intentionally recognized web fonts with ratio maintenance
  • Interactivity – scopes for real time interactions and engagement
  • SEO friendliness

Illustration: Website

Ultimate Dynamic Website Design Features

  • Database driven technology
  • Priority on PHP and ASP
  • .NET solutions (ActiveX, VPScript, AJAX, SilverLight, MS-SQL/MySQL, XML, DCOM/COM, Share Point etc.)
  • Content Management System (CMS) on PHP
  • Error-free distribution of HTML, CSS and Java
  • SDD-VPS-Cloud Server – that never goes down
  •  DDOS Protection with IPV6 Ready
  • Powered by cPanel/Plesk
  • RapidSSL WildCard Certificate – unbeatable security
  • GoDaddy Certified Pro Development
  • International collaboration with Pro Develelopers everywhere


We Develop Websites for All Types of Businesses

  • Personal Websites
  • Professional Websites
  • Institutional Websites
  • Business Websites
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Multi-Vendor Websites
  • Service Sector Website
  • Booking Websites
  • High-end Websites

Our Web Services are for All Sectors

  • Government/PSU
  • University/College/School
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Retail Sectors
  • Service Sectors
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical/Pathology
  • Logistics/Transport/Roadways
  • Finance/Banking/Investment/Insurance
  • Technology/IT
  • Entertainment/Media/Information
  • Travel/Leisure/Adventure
  • Hotel/Hospitality
  • Restaurant/Food

Pro Website Development, Design, Hosting, Maintaining & Security Services at a Glance

Whatever may be your requirement – be it a simple static website or a complex data driven dynamic web application, a scalable e-commerce site or a more dynamic booking website, a native or hybrid mobile app or a fully fledged CMS – we have ultimate solutions for you.

We not only develop and design websites; rather we ensure that our strategies, technologies and creativity fantastically work for our clients’ ultimate goal – that is ‘rapid business growth’.

Besides website development, design and hosting services, we too offer SEO, digital marketing, online branding, business planning and market research solutions. We are one stop destination for most of your business need in Jamshedpur and in any other city in Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal.

Having a website is no more a big thing, but getting a website that really work for your business need is really a great achievement.

Although not all, many businesses in Jamshedpur have websites, web applications and mobile apps, but hardly 15% of those really work. Those websites and web applications have no contribution in business growth, though they should highly have!

In fact, a perfect business website needs hundreds of aspects to consider before being alive. Neat and well written coding, proper typography distribution, cleaver tag management, elimination of rendering path blockage, redirection elimination, navigation tools placement, visual hierarchy, cross device responsiveness, industry specific technology, wise content distribution, content rich formatting, server error elimination, white space management, search engine friendliness, strategic and creative input are the few to name.

Our team, while made a survey on business websites in Jamshedpur, reported that nearly 70% of businesses just get lured by the visual effects, especially for the parallel scrolling effects, multicolour presentation and animation properties etc. Out of the rest 30%, half of the websites are either incomplete in content or mere replica of another or both. That is the reason why they suffer.

Presence of multiple visual effects in a website is really a bad thing that destroys many important technical and strategic necessities. Visual simplicity is the best policy if you’re looking for a website that can brilliantly serve the proper business goals. As well as, each website should be unique.

Since there is a plethora of website builder tools (DIY website building software), anyone can easily have a online presence. But sorry to say, such free or cheap websites can help you in mere satisfaction of having a web presence. After that they are dead silence for your business that can have many opportunities to speak loudly.

Competition is high and it’s ever increasing. Due to the proliferation of websites on the Internet your duplicate website will not suffice. You will be required to make a distinct presence in term of strategy, technology and creativity. BusinessKrafts, the highly trusted website designing and development company in Jamshedpur can help you in this regards.

Building a unique website that really works calls for specialized skills blended with pro-marketing strategy and creativity. We, at BusinessKrafts, highly meet the requirements and, hence, have been establishing ourselves as the top website development and design company / service provider in Jamshedpur.

We, at BusinessKrafts, your high-end professional web developers, study the nature of your business, your present and estimated future stand, the requirements for your business goal, the uniqueness of your products/services, the prevailing and upcoming competition scenario, behavior and choices of your buying personas, and decide the aspects of your online presence. This is the primary reason why we can help you getting your right website, customizing exclusively highlighting the salient features of your unique business model. We will provide appropriate solutions fully exploiting industry standard technologies and blending the same with marketing strategies.

We don’t have any space to opt for the off-the-shelf software packages and pre-fill website templates. We never build a website within hours. Rather we work hard to develop the schema, putting right elements into it, staging and testing the effectiveness as well as analyzing the performance and eliminating errors. Custom web design cannot be achieved using any pre-designed template. Being the only pro website designer in Jharkhand, BusinessKrafts helps its clients get the maximum out of the fully custom website design services.

We, being the most professional website development company, are proficient enough with the latest and updated technology trends to make sure that your website loads quickly and is accessible across a variety of platforms. Exceptionally high user experience is our primary motto while developing and designing each website for industries, businesses, organizations, institutions around the world.

We have a brilliant in-house and outsourced pro team in Jamshedpur, who perfectly know the essence of each website design project Outsourcing your custom web development project with strong hand in building feature-rich website in consonance with the prevailing trends. When you need an outstanding, unique and custom website design, you can always rely on BusinessKrafts – the unique one in Jamshedpur for website development and design project.

You may also need to know more about us as the best website design, development and hosting company in India. We are the award winning web agency in India.

Have a Look at Our Service Terms and Conditions


  1. We don’t accept any project prior to consultation. Consultation is 100% free for complete one hour. Please confirm consultation schedule over phone or email.
  2. We request you to assign us projects only after your satisfaction during consultation. Please be confirmed about our products, services, policy, pricing, quality and terms and conditions. Please feel free to ask for any additional information you require.
  3. The mentioned prices are valid for maximum one month from the date of latest update as mentioned at the bottom of this document. Prices may change at any time without prior notice. However, for existing clients for any service, pricing for the particular service is valid till the term ends. No new pricing policy will apply to them.
  4. Before placing order, please be confirmed with updated prices, plans and features. Please drop an email at care@businesskrafts.com
  5. We start working after realization of 50% payment in advance for any job costs equal to or more than Rs 9,999. You need to pay 25% after 50% work progress and the rest 25% after completion of the work including testing and optimizing. However, 100% advance payment is required for jobs cost less Rs 9,999.
  6. Cancellation Policy: 100% refund if cancellation request received within 24 hours of advance payment, 80% after 24 hours but before 48 hours, 60% after 48 hours but before 96 hours. No refund of advance amount will be entailed in case cancellation request comes after complete four days of payment.
  7. 100% refund is guaranteed if not satisfied within thirty days of payment made. No refund request will be entertained after thirty days of payment made.
  8. All major modes of payment accepted. Never pay in cash to any of our representatives.
  9. GST is not included in the prices mentioned. You need to pay taxes as per the regulation of the government.
  10. Some projects, by default, take longer time for completion. For example though a simple personal website generally takes two hours to build and customize, a dynamic large website may take up to sixty days for completion. Error testing, repairing and optimization take further time that may ranges from 48 hours (for simple websites) to 30 days (for complex websites).
  11. SEO is, by default, a long term project. Minimum six months’ time required to deliver complete satisfactory result of SEO.
  12. Continuous digital marketing is highly recommended. Any break will be resulted in adverse effect. Prepare your budget in advance and ask us if any suggestion required.
  13. Before paying for any additional or value added service, please be confirmed whether it is included in your main plan or not.
  14. For ultimate result, we encourage you to assign us with a complete project. We will deliver you the best result.
  15. Any service not included in the catalogue is not available at present.
  16. Additional service request will cost extra.
  17. Free hosting services with listed website plans refer to shared hosting only. VPS, SSD, Cloud and dedicated hosting with a pre-defined website plan will cost extra. Price calculation will be on the basis of exclusion and inclusion basis.
  18. No plan under category ‘A’ refers to making website from complete scratch. We only make website from complete scratch on request of the client. Such websites cost higher.
  19. Additional discount up to 10% may be applicable for project value more than Rs 29,999.
  20. All disputes are subject to Jamshedpur jurisdiction only.