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Top 10 Open Source APM (Application Performance Management) Tools

Top 10 free APM tools

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Application Performance Monitoring tools are an efficient way to monitor the performance of the software application. As there are so many expectations from the application, it quite a complex process in which every developer should be aware of the APM. Application Performance Monitoring can be useful both in managing data and cloud-based applications. The tool provides insights about application performance, bottleneck, and issues that can affect the infrastructure of the application.

APM is a proactive system that monitors all the phases of the development to reach the expected quality from the software application. APM tool, not only speeds up the development lifecycle. Improves network monitoring, real user experience monitoring, and monitors the impact of the changes that happen in the code.

There are many APM tools available with some of the most trusted vendors with free versions. It is a cost-effective option if you are on a limited budget. Let’s look at the top 10 free APM tools which can leverage your software development.

1. Pinpoint

No 1 APM tool

Pinpoint is the most popular APM tool available on Github. It is specially designed for large scale distributed systems written in Java and PHP. Pinpoint is an ideal tool for enterprise applications that has a great understanding of your application topology. The tools allow the developers to analyze the structure of the software and help you identify how the components are connected using the tracing technology. It provides code-level visibility of all transactions. The agent is installed without changing the source code and to monitor your application in real-time.

2. Apache Skywalking

Free and Leading APM Tool

Apache Skywalking is an APM tool used with micro services, container bases architectures such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesos. It can also be used with cloud-native architectures. The tool has attractive features that make the development lifecycle a little easier. It takes care of performance optimization, root cause analysis, alarm, distributed tracing, endpoints detections, slow services, service topology map analysis, and context propagation.

3. JavaMelody

JavaMelody - APM tool

JavaMedoly monitors Java and Java EE applications in both QA and production environments. It is under the Apache License 2.0. The APM tool can measure and handle the stats based on your actual deployment and usage of the application. It has seamless integration with Jenkins, also allows third-party integrations, and provides all the information in a chart format. Memory, system loads, head dump, and CPU, which also includes many more data of the application logs. Later it interprets the data logs and offers insights about the possible errors that can impact the production environments and performance of the software application. JavaMelody includes features real user monitoring, centralized monitoring server, custom PDF report generation, and consumes low CPU resources.

4. Stagemonitor

Free APM tool

Stagemonitor is one of the highly recommended tools for monitoring the performance of Java server applications. It comes with a set of features with can be utilized during the development, testing, production, and optimize performance for Java-based web applications. It is a monitoring agent with built-in support for clustered application stacks. The features include support to create new plugins, in-browser widget, and analyze the request using the Kibana dashboard.

5. Scout

Scout is an APM solution similar to New Relic and AppDyanmics. It allows you to monitor the java agent during web application development. The functionalities revolve around a metric mechanism that involves the user. It covers services like transaction process system, response time, application profiles, and other resource metrics for CPU, memory, and heap.

6. App Metrics

App Metrics is an open source free APM developed by IBM. It offers a flexible as well as a foundational infrastructure for collecting resources and performance monitoring data for JavaScript and node.js based applications. App Metrics provides built-in support for CPU profiling, memory, heap monitoring, and much more.

7. Code Speed

Code speed is one of the popular APM tools used to monitor Python-based web applications. It allows the developers to perform in-depth code analysis alongside CPython, PyPy, and Twisted for performance monitoring.

8. GoAppMonitor

GoAppMonitor is widely used with Golang application development. This APM monitors the performance of the data using the system as well as business level monitoring. It allows the developers to customize the monitoring by adding it to the repository and other items within the app. This way you register what you want to monitor data during the development and deployment of the Golang application.

9. App Perf

App Perf is an open-source APM tool which is still in the development stage. The tool aims to provide the users and developers an easy to use step and navigation. It has similar functionality to the vendor’s tools like AppNeta, SkyLIGHT, NewRelic, etc.

10.InspectIT Ocelot

This APM tool works as a Java agent for collecting data on application performance. It uses a traceability matrix to acquire the application’s behavior data. It was introduced as an open source tool in 2015. It allows the developers and project owners to conduct trace-based analysis, provide alerts, report SQL, third-party integrations, and conduct end-user monitoring.


It is essential to choose the right APM to monitor your Software Application Development. An APM tool should have capabilities to provide your quick solutions to problems that arise during development. As new technologies continue to evolve, software development can only become more complex and distributed. But the efficient tools leading the competition, APM can add more value to your end-users. The development teams can also adapt to continuous integration and deployment using the best industry practices. You can choose any of these APM tools available based on the needs of your project and the required performance capabilities of the application.

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