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Whether you’ve a brand new website that hasn’t yet started performing or an old non-performing one, we’ve solutions to help your website boost quickly. Our technically sound, strategically wise and well experienced team put the right efforts that each business can reach out at more customers online. Our refined approaches with latest SEO techniques make it possible that even non-performing websites start ranking on the top. We care for each level of SEO requirement – whether it’s global SEO, national SEO or local SEO.

Our Top Most SEO Services

Categorized SEO Solutions for Different Needs

Our SEO Services at a Glance

  • Both technical and strategic SEO solutions to ensure high ranking by Google, Yahoo and Bing as well to ensure more and more organic traffic flow to your website.
  • Both ‘on-page’ and ‘off-page’ SEO services  in order to improve consistent site ranking.
  • Key Aspects:
    • Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster tool management
    • XML site map creation and submission
    • Proper canonical tag creation
    • ‘Noindex’ and ‘nofollow’ management
    • robots.txt management,
    • Schema.org mark-up
    • URL inspection,
    • Crawl error and coverage issue fixing
    • Redirection elimination,
    • 301 redirection for 404, soft 404, 500 and 501 errors,
    • Previous penalty issue handling
    • Key word research and planning
    • Title meta tag and description tag enhancement
    • Strategic distribution of ‘H’ tags
    • Back-link generation through guest posting
    • Internal linking enhancement,
    • Content quality inspection,
    • Rendering path blockage elimination,
    • HTML, Java and CSS script management,
    • Mobile optimization
    • Enabling AMP
    • Image optimization
    • Regular testing and monitoring
    • Weekly report generation

Basics of Our SEO Campaign

  • We offer consistent SEO campaign in order to drive more traffic to your website by improving your search engine rankings.
  • We help grow your business by implementing our proven methods that can help you convert your website visitors into customers.
  • We do thorough keyword and competitor research to ensure that we target the most effective key phrases possible for your niche market.
  • We regularly monitor SEO analytics to track the traffic flow to your website.
  • We prepare monthly progress reports that allow you to track the success of our SEO campaign.

Do You Know?

Having a stunning website has zero purpose if you are unable to drive adequate visitors to your site. In order to pull traffic to your website, the first step you need to focus on is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO Services India
  • No or poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the primary reason that a website doesn’t get adequate visitors or the site owner can’t make handsome revenue through the website.
  • Proper SEO analysis and audit by well experienced professionals is the first step to proceed further.
  • Continuous and consistent SEO by a well skilled team is highly recommended to ensure that people will find your site while searching on the internet for the service/products you offer.

If you have a website, definitely you are thinking of generating revenue from it. But it’s not a surprise that about 75% of website owners worldwide fail to earn any return on investment (ROI) from their websites. Reason is obvious. These sites are not visible to people and, hence, people don’t visit the sites. The end result is that such websites can’t help in any business activity.

SEO Services

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to all strategic, technical and creative activities to improve the organic (unpaid) visibility of a website on search engines such as Google or Bing. SEO is one of the most essential marketing tactics in 2019 that businesses should not ignore. SEO helps you get traffic from search engines. SEO is the technique that helps search engines find and rank your site higher than your competitor while responding to the search queries by the users.

Why is it so crucial?

SEO is not only important, but very much crucial for your business that you wish to grow and for your website that have a defined reason to be a accelerator in your business. Note that without SEO, your website has no reason to be in place. What good of a stunning website and great content if no one know about it? It happens and many websites suffer of not getting adequate traffic. If you are not paying sufficient attention to SEO, there is rare chance that your website will be visible to the people who are searching for something exactly or similarly available on your site. In this way your business goal will definitely suffer.

Proper SEO by well skilled and experienced professionals is highly recommended to all website owners. Otherwise your website can’t serve its basic purpose.

SEO is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a very complex process. Ensure that SEO for your website is handled by a team of well skilled professionals like BusinessKrafts.

So why wait? Get your site ready for high ranking. Contact us to get a customized quotation for you. While writing, please don’t forget to include your site URL in message so that we can evaluate your site status before estimating how much you need to spend for better ranking.