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Market Research and Business Planning Services

Research before You Plan
Boost your Success

Big ideas fail mostly because of the lack of proper research and planning.

You know well that research and planning are vital to any successful entrepreneurship, as well as to marketing campaigns. While researching provides you with the most critical insight into your business ideas and future perspectives, planning helps you in getting the proper directions.

Market and marketing researches are involved with a vast amount of complex data and associated scientific analysis of the same.

Business and marketing planning is the most crucial aspect that can drive you towards desired success. However, it must be based on rigorous research and scientific parameters.

At BusinessKrafts, we prioritize critical market/marketing research and result-oriented business plans.

Big brothers have their dedicated research and planning wings. But small and medium businesses can’t afford such massive expenditure. Appointing qualified and experienced staff, providing infrastructure and facilities to them, paying salaries for all the seasons are always heavy burdens. If you are a start-up, the load is many times more. You know it well.

​All businesses don’t need ‘research and planning’ staff for round the year. The necessity is generally for one or two months before executing a new marketing campaign. The campaign may run continuously, but planning is periodical. So, why the business runners will pay for the whole year? On the other hand, they can’t appoint staff just for one or two months. No eligible one will agree to a bristle job. Temporary infrastructural set up is also another problem.

At BusinessKrafts, we understand the issues and necessities of start-ups and small businesses in terms of market research and business planning. Being a professional organization for marketing strategy development and business growth, we have been helping businesses with their short-term and long-term goals.

Market research and business planning is a long-term goal with short-term engagement. You need not be worried about such a valuable requirement for your business. You may transfer your burden to us, and we’ll execute it with utmost care. Our guarantees include the lowest pricing, 99.9% result, and 100% satisfaction. So, why should you do it late?

You only need to contact us, and we’ll get back to you just within 24 hours.

Once you hand over your hard burden of researching the market and planning in accordance, we’ll handle each aspect of your necessity at competitively lowest charges.

Your success is, in fact, our success.​

Our Complete Market Research and Planning Services

Key Aspects

  1. Research
  2. Market Research
      1. Demand
      2. Buying Persona
    1. Competition
  3.  Inventory
      1.  Quality
      2. Pricing
    1. Profit
  4. Marketing Need
      1.  Mode
      2. Timing
      3. Interval
    1. Budget
  5.  Strategy
      1. Present Strategy
      2. Trends
    1. Future Stand
  6. Developing Sample Model
    1. Testing
    2. Observation
    3. Analysis
    4. Re-modeling
    5. Fine Tuning
  7. Developing the Final Model
    1. Budget
    2. Mode
    3. Platform
    4. Timing
    5. Interval
  8. Regular Monitoring and Evaluation

What You Need to Provide to Us

To successfully help you in researching your market and providing you with the best analytical report and the industry’s best b-plan, you need to provide us the following information before we handle your project.

  1. Name of the Company
    1. Legal Name
    2. Business Name (if any)
  2. Location (complete address)
  3. Contact Details
    1. Name of the Key Contact Person
    2. Phone No.
    3. Email Id
  4. Year of Establishment
  5. Number of Employees
  6. Annual Term Over
  7. Present ROI
  8. Marketing Budget
  9. Type
    1. Business Type
    2. Inventory Type
    3. A list of 10 prominent inventories
  10. Location
    1. Head Quarter Location
    2. Branch Location (if any)
    3. Location of the Market
  11. Objectives and Goal (within 500 words)
  12. Online Presence
    1. Website URL
    2. Facebook Page
    3. Twitter Account
    4. LinkedIn Profile
    5. Instagram
    6. Other

Our Methodology

If the methodology is not valid, the suggestions will worth nothing.

The methodology is the top criteria to suggest anything reliable and practically approachable. Our top priority is to start with a sound methodological condition.

We apply rigorous methodological criteria at each step of market research, business planning, and marketing strategy building. That’s everything to us to meaningfully help our client in business success.

Our methodological criteria include –

  • Structural, functional, and phenomenal understanding of the market
  • Undertaking critical research to clearly define the market, inventories, marketing needs, and strategic input
  • Working on both offline (in the ground) and online (on the internet) fields
  • Producing abundant data on different parameters
  • Tabulating, sorting, filtering, and comparing the data
  • Analyzing the data on highly contextual criteria
  • Creating both the comprehensive and summative reports
  • Keeping nothing for assumptive
  • Avoiding any short-cut method in market research only to fulfill the formalities of filling a section of the b-plan

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How much does a market research project cost?

    It depends upon the work involves in the project. There are different cost factors. When we receive a project offer, we calculate the details of costing and share the same with the client.

  • 2. How much time does it take to complete a market reseach work?

    It also depends upon the work involves in the research project. For a typical small startup, a research project can be completed within a few weeks. But market research for big businesses takes several months.

  • 3. Can you draft a business plan without market research?

    No, we can't proceed to write a business plan without a handy market research report. Both market research reports and business plans go hand in hand.

  • 4. Is a market research project is different from a marketing research report?

    A marketing research report is a part of a market research report. Sometimes, you may also conduct separate marketing.