How to Register,, or .vidya.bharat Domain for Your College / University Website?

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Why An Academic Institute in India Requires a or Domain?

A university or a research institute or a college enjoys prominence in any society. All the academic institutions are assumed by the society and by all of its institutions as the torch bearers those can help the society, nation and human kind with creating and disseminating multi-dimensional knowledge system. Due to this reason, there has been many initiations to provide special identities to all academic institutions.

In a time, where everything is online, the first requirement is a website. All entities in the public sphere, irrespective of their nature, require a website to go online.If any public or private entity doesn’t possess a website, it’ll definitely unable to cope with the time. This is why you need a website for your college or university. While having a website is the minimum requirement, having a website with your special institutional identity is the prime necessity.

A website can get it’s identity from the domain extension name. The last part of a domain after a dot[.] is the domain extension name, for example .com or .org. The domain extension name, in general, specifies the type of the entity. While .com refers to commercial entities, .org refers for non-profit organizations and .net refers to businesses or organization dealing with information technology. Similarly, there is a separate class of domain extension names those stands for academic and research institutions. For example, .edu. However, you can have a .edu domain name, only if your academic or educational institute is in USA. For rest of the countries, you have to country specific domain name extension along with your academic or educational extensions. In India, there are four variations of institutional domain name extensions, viz,,, and .vidya.bharat. While you are imparting only education or education with research, you can opt for a or domain name. If your institution is only research oriented, it is best to opt for a. domain name. If you want your domain name in Hindi, you have a opportunity for your option with a .vidya.bhart domain name. Although there is no compulsion that you should have a or or domain extension for the website for your academic or research institute, it is highly recommended that you should use such domain name extension that can render appropriate identity and status to your institutional website.

How to Get an or Domain for Your Institute

A domain name can be registered with a domain registrar. Domain registrars are companies accredited by the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) so that they can compile with the domain registration policies. However, where it’s about a or similar type of domain, you can’t get such domain name extension from a commercial domain registrar. Academic domain names only can be obtained from an approved non-commercial domain registrar in any country in the world. Most of such domain registrars are either government agencies or direct government body. In India, you can get an academic domain name for your institute, college or university from ERNET India.

ERNET India stands from Education and Research Network of India. It was established in 1986 by the Department of Electronics, Government of India with funding support from both the GOI and United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Although ERNET India has many other areas of functioning, acting as a domain registrar for academic and research institute has also been it’s one of the primary focuses.

In order to get a domain registered with ERNET India, you have to fulfill one basic requirement. It is, you have to prove with valid document that your organization is working in imparting education or research or both that have valid recognition.

How to Register a Domain Name on ERNET India?

Registration of domain on ERNET India - or or

In order to register a domain on ERNET India, follow the simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Domain Registration Page on the ERNET India Website

Open the URL by your browser or click on ‘Domain Registration’ menu on the website: The default page will open where you will find a menu for domain ‘Registration’.

Step 2: Provide Required Information

Click on the Registration menu. You will find the spaces where you have the put the following information –

  1. Your desired domain name: Your desired domain name should be identical to your college name. In the case, where your desired domain name is not available, you need to make some variations till far it’s available
  2. Language you prefer for you domain name and extension category: You have only two language preferences – one is English and the other is Hindi. If your preference is English, you have three alternatives, namely –, and If your preference is Hindi, you have to choose .vidya.bharat.
  3. Duration for which you want to register your domain: You can register a domain for a minimum one year and maximum ten years duration. It depends upon your choice, However, choosing a longer duration can help you in avoiding frequent renewals.

Step 3: Agree with the Terms and Conditions

After selecting your choices, verify yourself with the captcha and click on the ‘Go’ button. You will be redirected to the ‘Agreement’ to terms and conditions page. Read the page carefully and click on ‘Agree’ button.

Step 4: Upload the Required Documents

Upload documents on ERNET India for domain registration

The next page will ask you to upload minimum two documents in .pdf format. One is Domain Registration Request Letter on the official letter head of the institute and the other is Documentary Proof of being an academic institute. Any accreditation, affiliation, recognition or registration letter from an statutory body or an authorized government agency can be considered as the documentary evidence. You may upload more documents for documentary proof, if you think one document is not adequate. After uploading, click on submit.

Step 5: Provide Institutional and Contact Details

The next page will ask you to provide details of the institution along with the contact details of –

  • Institutional contact information
  • Administrative contact information
  • Billing contact information
  • Technical contact information

Note that email ids and phone numbers of the Institutional contact and technical contact can not be the same. Likewise, although email ids for the other three contacts can be same, phone numbers need to be separated. Click on the submit button and you will be redirected to the payment page.

Step 6: Make Payment

The next page will lead you towards payment options. If you are registering for one year, you have to pay Rs 679.00 as the registration charge that includes all applicable taxes. You can make payment either through online payment (debit card, credit card, net banking etc. or through NEFT. It’s recommend to prefer online payment because it save your time.

After making payment, your domain will be registered provisionally subject to verification of the facts you provides.

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