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Pay per click

“Pay per click marketing is one of the most cost effective forms of internet marketing in which advertisers pay for each click on their advertisement.”

Do You Know?

  • PPC is the single fastest strategy to get leads and sale fast.
  • It’s the cheapest mode of marketing.
  • You can start your PPC campaign at any budget.
  • You can control your campaign at your convenience.
  • The best thing about PPC irrespective of the mode is that you are not going to pay unless your ad is clicked by a potential customer.
  • You are free to set a price that you are willing to pay per a single click and as well you can set your daily limit of marketing cost.
  • You can measure your result and change marketing strategy at any time.
  • ‘Google Ads’ is the most cost effective PPC platform that powers 77% of advertisers worldwide.

Most Important Aspects of PPC

Six most important aspects you should be careful about are

  • Competition research
  • Competitive bid
  • Keyword research
  • Ad quality
  • Landing page quality and
  • Cost per accusation (CPA) management.

Why Some Businesses Fail in PPC Marketing?

Planning, executing and gaining ROI through PPC campaign are not everyone’s cup of tea. Wrong PPC strategy can spoil your money and time. Success rate of a PPC campaign depends upon a number of factors. Only a trained and experienced team of digital marketers can lead PPC campaign to successful ROI generation.

How BusinessKrafts Helps Businesses in PPC Marketing?

At BusinessKrafts, we follow step by step procedure for our clients as follow:

  1. Primary observation of a present or up-coming business in terms of status, growth, competition, objectives, marketing need and future stand.
  2. Complete consultancy on what should be the next.
  3. Conducting research and data analysis to find out the real need for advertising, marketing, branding, sales funneling, quality improvement and online presence.
  4. Strategy building and complete planning;
  5. Execution –
    1. building, designing and hosting website or improving and redesigning the existing website;
    2. staging, testing and optimizing the website;
    3. target setting, duration and budget planning and platform finalizing;
    4. keyword research, ad group creation, parameter setting and pre-testing;
    5. Cost per Accusation (CPA) and Cost per Conversion (CPC) management;
    6. final execution;
    7. regular monitoring and evaluation;
    8. remodeling, pause and re-marketing management;
    9. continuity and ROI acceleration.

Our PPC Package Details

Google Ads Management for both Google Search and Display Network Partners: Planning and strategy building, keyword research and planning, trend research for keyword, topic and object, advertisement script creation, media optimization, media scaling, target audience fixing, offer and event management, daily monitoring and evaluation, pause and re-marketing management, remodeling and more included. Pay only on click on search engines or/and on partner site of Google.

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