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Learn with a Practical Example on How Google Local Listing is Helpful to a Business

Answering a frequently asked question, I would love to respond with our own experiences. The query is – how Google local SEO can help a business getting better exposes in the market and accruing more customers. Alternatively, the question can be – how listing for Google Map and local search is crucial for a business that is operating from a physical location?

In each consulting session, I advise micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) not to underestimate the power of Google Maps and local search. If you have a business that has a physical existence through an office or an outlet, you can have great opportunities to attract the customers around your shop and office through Google My Business. This free service by Google let your business visible on Google Map and results for a localized search query.

For example, if you have a departmental store in Sector 3 Noida, you can let your potential customers know about your business by listing it on Google. Along with listing, you also need to provide an accurate address, images of your outlet, contact details of your store, products you sell, customer support you offer, etc. When a potential customer searches on Google for departmental stores in Noida or his nearby location, your business can appear for the search query with Google map location, images, product details, phone number, opening and closing times, etc. If you will be a little careful in providing more information, you can get position one for a relevant search query. It will create more customers and more business.

Let me start our example on how we become the top digital marketing agency and web design company in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India.

Although at present, BusinessKrafts has a large client base in three countries that include India, the USA, and Indonesia, the agency’s growth gets acceleration from a small city Jamshedpur in India. It’s amazing.

Whenever you search for a top digital marketing agency in Jamshedpur or in the entire state-based, i.e., Jharkhand, there are 95% possibilities that BusinessKrafts will appear at top of Google Map and search result. You may change your keywords, such as the best digital marketing agency, leading digital marketing agency, digital marketing consultant, #1 marketing research firm, etc., but for most of the queries, BusinessKrafts will have the top position.

What We did?

On the very day of starting, we listed our business on Google local search, completed with all required information and verification, started posting regularly, updated the information when it required, responded to all queries and reviews, got engaged with clients, etc.

Then, What Happened?

Gradually in less than one year, our business appeared at the top for most of the relevant queries for local searches. Even within the next two years, my business appeared for broad level searches based on a state/region (Jharkhand) or country/nation (India). This is what I’m going to tell you that you can apply for your business.

What were the Results?

Just look at few screenshots bellow.

Screenshot 1

(Search result for digital marketing services in Jamshedpur)

Screenshot 2

digital marketing services in Jharkhand
(Search result for digital marketing services in Jharkhand at the top on Google Search)

Screenshot 3

digital marketing consultant in India
(Search result for digital marketing consultant in India at the top on Google Search)

For a search query – ‘digital marketing consultant in Jamshedpur’ or ‘digital marketing services in Jamshedpur’ or even ‘digital marketing consultant in Jharkhand’ or ‘digital marketing services in India’ on Google Search, you’ll probably get the same result – BusinessKrafts: Digital Marketing, Web Solutions, and More’.

This is not necessarily magic, but surely a strategy to market a business mindfully. You can too be the mindful strategist for your business to grow.

For details on how you can also be ranked one on Google for a localized search query, you may read my post on local SEO.

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  1. Amish Dhar says:

    Thank you for such a great post on local SEO. Small businesses and marketing beginners can be benefited from it. It’s easily readable and very comprehensive.

  2. Md Kabir Khan says:

    It’s impressive that through a example of your success, you introduce to the power of local SEO. I’ve also experienced expected impact of local SEO, particularly of the GMB. This post is special to me as it can tell my own story that I can’t writing.

  3. Priya Pillayi says:

    Wow! Local SEO is very simple. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Meera Agarwal says:

    It’s an interesting post. Thanks for sharing your experiences on the effectiveness of local SEO. It is particularly helpful to me. ?

  5. Meera Agarwal says:

    It’s an eye opening post. Simple and short, but able to provide useful tips. I was never aware of the usability of local SEO and Google business listing.

  6. Peter Francis says:

    Thanks for letting us knowing the strength of local SEO and Google My Business. However, I’ve some doubts. While the competition is growing rapidly, can one achieve equal amount of success in the coming days through applying local SEO techniques?

    • Prabash Sahoo says:

      Hi Peter,
      Thanks for the query.
      You’re right. Competition in the digital space is growing rapidly and success will depend upon attempt. Good attempt never fail. In ease aspect of digital marketing including the local SEO, you have to work in accordance with the competition. I would love to highlight that competition is the only fact for the marketers.

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