Lead Generation Services in Jamshedpur

Get Qualified Lead with No Investment!

If you are looking for guaranteed lead for your service sector business, there is no better option than to partner with us. You only have to pay for the lead. Pricing are amazingly low. No prepayment required.

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More about our Lead Generation Services

At BusinessKrafts, with our trained and skilled team, we use multiple strategies, techniques, mechanisms to generate quality leads for our partners/clients. We take all the responsibilities of promotion, marketing and advertising. We verify each lead for validity and qualification before handling the same to our clients/partners.

The best thing about our leads is that clients have to pay us nothing if the service request doesn’t meet the delivery criteria. In other words, if the customer refuse to take service from you at the first call, or you are not willing to serve the customer, you don’t need to pay us.

There is no prepayment criteria. You have to pay only after your customer pay you.

We provide leads to service sectors businesses in the following categories:

  • Installation services – AC, modular kitchen, home/office fixtures, etc
  • Repairing services – home/office appliances repair (AC, television, washing machine, chimney, computer, printer, electricity etc.).
  • Handyman services – plumber, electrician, painter, carpenter, etc.
  • Cleaning services – home, office, sofa, mattress, carpet, etc. cleaning and sensitization (disinfection).

How to Avail Our Service

Availing our services for qualified leads, growth and sustenance of your business is very easy. You just need to register with us by filling-up a simple form. If you wish that our executives will do the registration formality for you, you may just call us at +91 6299778386. However, we suggest you to fill up and submit the registration form yourself so that you can ensure the accuracy of your information.

Registration Form

Terms and Conditions

In order to have a long term collateral relationship with you as well as to protect our customers from any type of dishonest business practice, we have some terms and conditions for partnership. Any violation of this can lead to termination of partnership.

We request you to carefully read it before entering a partnership agreement with us.

  1. You must have the required managerial capacity, machinery or equipment, and skilled manpower to handle the work for which you seek leads from us.
  2. The personnel or manpower that you will assign to attend a service call must be professionally trained to behave politely, understand the customer’s problem and solve the problem with smile. (In case your field professionals lack soft skills, you may ask us for training.)
  3. You need to certify that you have verified the identity, address, and other legal requirements of the servicemen/personnel that you will assign to deliver service at the doorstep of the customers.
  4. All the servicemen/professionals providing home/office visit service must have visible identity card with name and logo of the company, name and designation of the employee, official complaint number or/and emergency contact number, and authorized signatory.
  5. You should have a fair pricing policy for each type of service with proper terms and conditions.
  6. Your rate card should match the standard rate card that most of the service providers in your city offer. However, you can offer lower rate to encourage competitive pricing.
  7. We hope that you’ll ensure honest business practices and better customer satisfaction.

How We Work?

We offer lead generation services to all businesses in service sectors irrespective of sizes and legal formations. However, we give greater importance to best business practices, high level of professional ethics and better customer satisfaction.

Although any service provider can avail our service, any violation of professional ethics may lead to service termination.

We follow a well defined ethical practice with our customers, clients and partner.

We have a strong mechanism of collecting feedback from the concerned parties, and we try our best to act in accordance to the feedback.

While you are entering in a partnership deal with us, be ensured that we will try our best to protect your interest.

How We Generate Leads for Our Partners?

Being a leading digital marketing firm in India, we expertise in strategy, technology and creativity in marketing. We use multiple inbound and immersive strategies so that the genuine customers will contact us for services that our partners offer.

Our prominent marketing methods for generating enormous qualified leads include:

  • Affiliate marketing – sharing paid links on heavy traffic affiliate platforms
  • Influencer marketing – paying social media influencers/celebrities to promote the services of our partners among their fans on social media
  • Content marketing – creating and distributing high quality content on multiple online platforms
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – optimizing our content, offers and coupons for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Local SEO – optimizing our content and offers on city based online platforms including Google Map, local directories and yellow pages
  • Google search ads – paid advertisement for search results on Google
  • Google display ads – paid advertisement with images on partner network of Google
  • Video ads – paid advertisement on YouTube
  • Social media marketing (SMM) – promotion on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a set of commonly asked questions and their answers that may be helpful to you while enquiring with us about our lead generation services.

  1. Who can avail your lead generation service?

    Any service sector business in specified cities in India can take the advantages of our lead generation services.

  2. How to avail the service.

    You just need to fill-up and submit a simple registration form that is provided above. If the information that you provide matches to our service criteria, we will empanel you for the services.

  3. How will you provide lead to me?

    We have a strong mechanism of generating qualified leads for our clients/partner. We verify all the leads for qualifications and distribute all qualified leads among our partners/clients.

  4. How you determine that a lead is valid or qualified?

    We verify each lead through multiple stages. We ensure that all the leads that we share with our partners are 99.99% qualified.

  5. How much lead you can provide me at average in a day?

    Although there is no certainty of the number of leads that we can provide to a certain client/partner, we normally provide about 20 leads a day to each of our empaneled partners.

  6. What are the payment conditions?

    You only have to pay for a qualified lead. The payment amount varies from service to service. However it's ₹50 at the minimum and ₹150 at the maximum.

  7. Is there any pre-payment condition?

    No, there is no pre-payment condition. You have to pay only after a lead is fulfilled.

  8. What is the payment terms?

    You have to pay for the leads on weekly basis.

  9. What precausions should I have so that my partnership agreement will not be terminated?

    You need to ensure high level of professionalism, better customer satisfaction, honest business practices, and timely payment so that we can continue our relationship with you.

  10. If I have any other doubt?

    Please mai us at [email protected], if you have further queries.