Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Business

Importance of digital marketing in a data driven society

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Customers are already online, and you need to be there. It is the primary reason why digital marketing is so essential to your business. There are also more than a dozen reasons why you need to focus on digital marketing in 2020 and beyond. If you have a small business or a startup, the importance of digital marketing to you is higher than the typical.

Especially during this pandemic of Covid19 and after, small businesses can’t sustain without digital marketing.

In the entire arena of business and marketing, there have been many paths breaking changes during the last one and half decades. The recent six to seven years are most crucial that gradually transformed the entire marketing setup into a much promising digital platform. The new forms of media that emerged at the beginning of the 21st century gradually became an integral part of our lives.

The virtual world has become a prominent aspect of our lives and simultaneously started helping us in being connected more efficiently with the real world. It’s the point where digital marketing comes in the position. Just within the last few years, it has taken up most of the traditional marketing channels. It’s not only a new different channel but the prominent one that no business can ignore. It’s now an integral part of what a business is to its customers. If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy for your business, time is working against you.

And what will be the future of digital marketing? Till far the internet is there, digital marketing will rule the entire kingdom.

Although I’ve already provided hints on why businesses need digital marketing strategies to grow and thrive, let’s point out its cruciality based on a dozen of reasons.

So, why Digital Marketing is so significant to achieve your business goal? The top reasons are as follow:

1. Digital Marketing is the Most Cost Effective Mode of Marketing

The best thing about digital marketing that – it is highly cost-effective, and it helps in better ROI generation. Unlike the traditional modes of marketing, you don’t need huge budgetary provision for doing digitally. With a a few hundred dollars you can start your digital journey.

The requirements to initiate digital marketing is surprisingly low. What you need are – an effective website, some social media accounts, few SEO tools, a business email id, and some quality content. These are the digital assets that will help you in entering the vast playground of digital marketing. You don’t need to pay for all of these; you can also enjoy many free services. Just add your skill and creativity to the digital assets you own and see the result. It will bring a difference.

After initial testing your efforts, skill, and techniques, you may go for a few social media and search engine campaigns. It will not cost you much. 10 to 12 dollars a day for a small local business will adequate. You can set your daily budget and maximum limit. If your strategies are in the right direction, you can see how a small amount of investment in digital marketing can bring big results.

You may increase your budget following the result. What is more important that everything has to be well planned, strategic, creative as well as result-oriented. You don’t need to spend a lot in terms of money; but, you require spending in terms of research, analysis, creating content, and applying strategy.

2. Unrestricted Access to Digital Marketing

If you are a small or medium-sized business, you may not get and afford – 

  • a well noticeable billboard at a crowded traffic signal of a big city,  
  • or a prime channel television commercial, 
  • or even for a newspaper display ad. 

It’s basically due to the throat cut competition and massive financial involvement. But you can have the same share with the big fishes through low-cost digital marketing. If you master the skill of SEO, your advertisement and content will appear side by side with the big brands. You can access any of the SEO tools or social media to promote your business and brand. There is no restriction for you. Neither lack of funds nor infrastructure nor human resources is a hindrance to digital marketing. Even you can run your marketing office from your home with a computer, a few software, and a good speed internet connection. To do marketing through digital platforms, you don’t need anyone’s permission or ‘No Objection Certificate’. Restriction to enter the digital arena for anyone is near to zero.

3. Digital Marketing is Widespread and Reachable in Real-time

The uses of the internet and digital devices are so widespread in the present scenario that around 69% of the world adult population is living in a digital world. The statistic is growing rapidly. People worldwide are searching for almost everything on the internet and deciding in accordance. On the internet, through several available modes, you can reach your target audience at any corner of the world in real-time. Depending upon the nature of your business, you can carefully choose your potential customer from any geographical region and any demographic, cultural, and social background. Digital Marketing indeed brings unlimited sky for you.

4. Digital Marketing is Data Concentric and Customer Specific

Through the digital platform, you can access lots of data on audience behavior and varied specifications. Such data will help you in setting your digital strategy effectively. All sorts of data, such as the demographic, geographical, social-cultural, and behavioral distribution of potential audiences (without entering anyone’s privacy) can be easily collected through few mouse clicks and it can be analyzed with many convenient tools provided by search engines and other digital platforms. Once you become aware of your audiences, their passion or hate, like or dislike, you can easily set your target. Through a few interactive and automatic tools and management systems, your message and content will be delivered only to the specific people who are likely to be your customers. In digital marketing strategy, everything is based on data, and the data precisely error-free due to the defined algorithm of digital technology. It will lead to more engagement and more conversion ultimately.

5. Digital Marketing is Highly Target Oriented

Most of the digital marketing practices are technically specific to the end results. It’s because of the involvement of the mechanism of knowing the audiences precisely. This is the reason why the target is well defined and the delivery can be in a completely controlled environment. As you act, you’ll yield. Your engagement and strategies will bring the result.

Before the advancement of digital strategy, there was never any possibility to precisely target the audience. Hence, the possibility of converting the audience into real customer was miserably low. Digital technologies for marketing brought a new era of target-oriented marketing.

6. Digital Marketing is Inbound in Nature

Digital marketing is the only known marketing approach that can bring inbound results for your efforts. By the term ‘inbound’ in the context of marketing, I mean that you don’t need to approach your customers through any other mode, such as telemarketing. There are many chances that your customers will approach you directly. This powerful effect of digital marketing minimizes your expenditure to a great extend that you would otherwise need to spend on call centers.

7. Digital Marketing Helps in High Rate of Conversion

In comparison to the conversion rate in traditional marketing approaches, the conversion rate is much higher in digital marketing. Since this form of marketing is highly data specific and target-oriented, it can easily lead towards better conversion. That is why it is also cost-effective.

Another good thing about digital marketing is that the conversion rate is precisely measurable. So there are better chances that you can re-market and improve conversion.

8. Digital Marketing Helps in Better Revenue Generation

All the seven advantages of digital marketing discussed above, altogether help businesses adopting strategic marketing techniques to generate more revenue. Most importantly, since digital marketing allows you to save more in terms of reaching the right customer, it helps you to invest in other profit-oriented aspects of your business. Secondly, since all the effects of your investment in digital marketing can be counted and analyzed with greater accuracy, it can definitely help you in focusing on many revenue-generating activities. Accurate reports and analysis are the two primary strengths of digital marketing that can help any business in generating better revenue.

9. Digital Marketing Facilitate Real-time Interaction with the Target Audiences

The present-day digital channels are the only channels that can help you in real-time interaction with your audiences. Before the digital marketing era, small businesses had no chance to get such an opportunity. Although the big enterprises had a mechanism to interact with their customers in real-time, the scope was limited.

On the digital platform, there are numerous ways you can interact with your audience in real-time and directly. Social media conversation, chat features, interaction on WhatsApp through the web chatbox, forum discussion, etc. have already become prominent modes to be connected with the customers. And, you know that better interaction leads to better conversion.

10. Digital Marketing Can Bring Better Brand Reputation and Trust

Branding was highly expensive, while there was only the offline mode of marketing. The scope of branding products and services was limited to big businesses only. The time is already over. Through an effective digital marketing strategy, even a micro-enterprise can create brand awareness about its products or services. You can build a brand reputation by sharing the faithful stories of your business. You can build trust among your customers through interacting in real-time and personifying the customers. Digital marketing provides you all these opportunities.

11. Digital Marketing Creates Space for Ample Scope and Freedom

Digital marketing can create a space where both the businesses and their customers enjoy ample freedom. It was never possible before businesses started adopting the digital mode of marketing. The digital marketing era brought a new space where both the marketers and customers can find adequate scope for their targets and choices. It is the power of digital marketing that if you ignore, you’ll fall behind.

12. Digital Marketing Brings Unlimited Sky for Business Growth

Digital marketing brought unlimited opportunities for businesses to strategically reach wider market segments, as well as to sell higher. The sky is unlimited, and you have to decide up to which height you will fly. Your sky will be limited to you only when you don’t wish to sift your marketing approaches from traditional to digital. Although competition in the digital space is growing rapidly, if you can create a visionary strategy, you can reach any height irrespective of the size of your business.

Concluding Notes on the Importance of Digital Marketing

If you’ve not adopted digital marketing strategies for your business, you shouldn’t be late. Our research team has observed that by 2022, businesses that are not sifted to digital marketing can suffer a lot.

in fact, there will be no other option than digital marketing.

Now, you are aware that digital marketing can open many new opportunities for your business to thrive and grow. You are well familiar with the power of digital marketing that can help you in reaching any height. However, you might yet wonder about a common question. That is – how to perform digital marketing successfully.

In fact, it requires a lot of experience and expertise in each separate component like SEO or content marketing. You don’t need to be worried. You just need to read two posts each week from our blog section that deals with each practical aspect of digital marketing. Within a few weeks, you’ll definitely able to come out with bright insights to settle yourself as a well trained and strategic digital marketer. You don’t need to spend much money, but investing in time will help you in serving your big dream.

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  1. Rajdeep Kakre says:

    Digital marketing is important to each business – small or big. Those who are solely dependable on traditional marketing modes, can no longer sustain.
    Thanks for talking on the crucial aspects of

  2. Gupreet Kaur says:

    Each reason, you specify, has it’s own strength. Digital marketing is, obviously, the most powerful mode of marketing and will be for decades.

    • Prabash Sahoo says:

      Hi gurpreet,
      Thanks to letting me know that I’m writing something useful. You’re right that digital marketing is the most powerful mode for marketers.

  3. Niraj Bhandari says:

    It’s right that digital marketing can help in better branding at less investment. Branding was never so easy and cost effective.

    • Prabash Sahoo says:

      Hi Niraj,
      Thanks for commenting. Definitely digital marketing is helpful in branding. In this connection, there is another term – digital branding. I’m writing soon on digital branding. Please keep reading our blog posts.

  4. Ashutosh Rath says:

    It’s indeed a outstanding post on the strength of digital marketing. But there’s a small error and I know that it’s a typographical error. Please check the second last paragraph. It reads, “Digital marketing brought limited opportunities for businesses…. ” The sentence at the end negates the entire thing you highlighted in the post.

    • Prabash Sahoo says:

      Hi Ashutosh,
      I’m thankful to you that you pointed out a serious typographical error. Corrected it with emediate effect. You are really awesome.

  5. Meera Agarwal says:

    May I request you to put up on the most prominent strategies in digital marketing? Although the present post is adequate in providing the importance of digital marketing, I would like to know more on the strategies and there applications.

    • Prabash Sahoo says:

      Hi Meera,
      Thank you for the suggestion. In fact, digital strategy is a vast field that can’t be effectively put on in any single post. Therefore, I’ve been highlighting a single aspect in a single post. While it’s about the prominent digital strategies, I’ve already focused on most of them in this blog space. You can find them on this website. If none of those can fulfill your specific requirement, kindly let me know. I or any of my team member will write for you. Our readers our our great assets.

  6. Meera Agarwal says:

    While everyone is on the internet, it’s highly essential to adopt digital marketing. As you have mentioned, digital marketing has more than a dozen of strengths over the traditional marketing. It’s genuinely a great post.

  7. Peter Francis says:

    Indeed a great post. I’m amused with the clarity in your put up.
    I just wish to ask, whether the traditional mode of marketing is going to face its extinction? Is there no requirement for the traditional modes in the present day scenario of rapidly growing digital marketing?
    I hope, you will answer.

    • Prabash Sahoo says:

      Hi Peter,
      Thanks for the comment.
      As your query is concerned and as we can see, traditional mode of marketing will never extinct. It’ll go side by side with all the new modes of marketing including the digital strategies. In fact, whether it’s traditional or digital, the basic philosophy and principles of marketing is the same or similar. There is still a space for traditional modes and it will be. However, digital marketing has the larger share and it will continue till the date any new mode hasn’t arrived. We can forecast that the next two century will be dominated by digital marketing.
      I’ll deal all these aspect in my next post.

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