How to Get a Good Domain Name for Your Website

How to choose best domain name

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Getting a domain name is easy, but getting the right domain name isn’t.

P R Sahoo

Many businesses suffer just because they don’t have the right domain name for their websites. Indeed, choosing the best domain name is a crucial aspect both to your website and business. 

Domain name affects your branding efforts, it affects your attempts to be connected with your customers, and most importantly, it also affects your SEO ranking. This is why a domain name plays a role in achieving success or failure.

The above are some simple reasons why you should be careful enough while choosing a domain name. But the difficulties are there that while you’re just starting up, you mightn’t come out with much thoughtfulness about a suitable domain name that can be helpful to you in growth and sustainability. The second difficulty is that although you could formulate a stunning domain name, someone has already got it registered. It’s genuinely hard to overcome such obstacles. This is why I’m writing here to help you in getting the best possible domain name for your dream website.

To get the right domain name for your website or blog, follow the following suggestions:

1. Stick to a Top Level Domain Extension

A domain name with a top-level domain (TLD) extension is classic or evergreen. There are three popular TLD, namely, .com, .net and .org. If your business or blog is commercial, you need to stick to the .com extension only. However, if it’s about the internet or information technology, you can prefer the .net extension. If you are an organization on a not-for-profit basis, .org suit you the best.

2. Make Your Domain Name Catchy

The second most important criteria that you need to strictly follow is making your domain name catchy, instantly appealing, and memorable. You know it well that catchy names always wins. It is highly relevant for a website that has to play in the public sphere. Never choose a domain name that is not appealing to your visitors or not easy to remember.

3. Keep It Short and Simple

The shorter, it’s better and the simpler, it’s greater – is the thumb rule. It’s mostly applicable to a name and definitely to a domain name. Short and simple names are appealing and easy to remember.

Domain names shouldn’t contain more than 12 characters. A lengthy domain name makes it a bit complex and people can’t remember it easily. Longer names can also create SEO issues. Search engines love shorter domain and shorter URLs.

4. Avoid Unusual Spelling

Unusual spelling or little deviation from the accepted spelling for a business name may seem to be fancy or stylish. However, for a domain name, it can adversely affect. People, in general, search by typing the word with the spelling they are antiquated with. Even if someone remembers the URL of your website, there are chances that he or she will type the common spelling to find your website. Search engines also deliver the search results as per the spelling used by most of the people. It means that you can lose a lot of traffic to your site only due to a spelling deviation. This is why you should be careful enough to use the accepted spelling for your domain name.

5. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

It has been in majority practice that domain names are used in alphabetical format without any special character except the dot. If you use a hyphen or a number in your domain name, there are chances of typographical error. Hyphens might be ignored and numbers might be spelled with alphabets. Besides, numbers and hyphens in domain names are mostly used by spammers and therefore, your genuine website might be considered as a spamming website both by search engines and human beings.

6. Use Keywords in Domain Name

Keywords are the combination of words or phrases that people use to search their required content or products or services on the internet. On the basis of matching of the keywords, search engines like Google or Bing display the web content for the intend users.

A keyword in your domain name, relevant to your business, can help you in getting better visibility through search engine searches. It’s highly recommended that you should you your most prominent keyword in your domain name.

7. Consider the Branding Aspects

There is nothing better than the opportunity that you can brand your business through your domain name. Your best effort in naming your domain should be in creating an unique and branded identity. However, it’s not so easy. You have to do some research and think creatively.

The first thing you need to consider is that whether there is any other business that have a similar domain name with a registered trademark. If the answer is yes, you must think for an alternative that doesn’t have an legal identity like trademark or any other type of registration. If the case exists, avoid using the name or be ready to pay big.

The second thing you need to be aware that you can create an unique identity while considering all of the six aspects discussed so far. Catchy, short, simple, well spelt, keyword specific are the aspects. Can it possible to be unique with all these general aspects? Thinking slowly will help you.

Whatever may be cost except for legal responsibility, your best attempt should be to have a brandable domain name for your website.

8. Think for the Future

Keep it mind that you’re registering a domain name for a long term target. What is your business at present may not be the same after a few years. Each successful business expands. For example, your present business deals only with marketing. But throughout its journey, the services offered by your business can include other B2B services like staffing and designing. This is why your domain name should have a broader meaning that can include all possible aspects in a broader area of operation.

9. Overcome the Difficulties

There can be a number of difficulties in finalizing the domain name. Most prominent are –

  1. Your preferred domain name with a suitable extension has already been registered.
  2. Your preferred domain name is available with all enhancements like simplicity, keyword integration, a branding opportunity, and appropriate TLD extension, but that costs many times higher than the normal price.
  3. In order to brand your business, you need to adopt a spelling deviation.
  4. In order to fulfill other criteria, your domain name is going to be a little complex.

If you’re well determined about your domain name that can put values to your business growth, cost shouldn’t be an internal factor. Domains having popular keywords in the name is considered as a premium domain. The domain registrar general keeps the price of such a domain higher. Many times, domain brokers also play a role in making the booking price of a domain higher. Domain brokers keep purchasing the most demanding domain names in order to sell those in higher price ranges.

Both of the above two situations demand that if you’re willing to pay higher, you can have the better domain name. If it can be a win for you, it will be wise to pay higher.

For all other cases, you have to prefer simplicity over keywords and branding over spelling. You might be a winner, if you’re thinking in right direction.

10. Do It Right Now

It’s the most crucial step that you should be careful. If you have completed deciding the name of your domain with appropriate extension and values, never be late. Either your competitor or a domain broker might get it registered it before you. This is why you need to act fast in registering your domain name. Never wait or waste time. Make it your own just now.

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  1. Ashok Kumar Pati says:

    Thanks for the helpful article.
    I just wanted to kow how it will be if I register a .In domain for my business in India. Targeted visitors are from India only. Should I have an additional .com domain. Please suggest.

    • Hema Mehta says:

      There are many reasons that a .com domain gets better traffic. If you want a .in domain, you should also have an .com domain simultaneously, if available. Never let other to get the .com for your brand name.

  2. Venu Gopal says:

    It was just a week ago, my favorite domain name with .com extension. However, the same has been already taken by a domain broker. My domain registration can help me in getting the domain from the broker at higher price.
    Please suggest – should I pay higher for the domain name or I should go for another extension?

    • Hema Mehta says:

      ‘Do it right now’ is the thumb rule while you are going to register your favorite domain name.
      If paying higher won’t be a burden for you, you can go for the same. The extension .com should be your first priority.

  3. Vinayak Prakash says:

    Thanks for sharing such useful insight. Rightly said – ‘Althoiugh getting a domain is very easy, getting the right domain is 100 times difficult.’
    The post is indeed helpful those are looking to register great domains for their site. I could personally got some good idea that can help me in thinking about the name of my website.

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