How Many Websites are There in the World?

Number of websites in the world

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The number of websites in the world is highly surprising. Netcraft’s survey reveals that there are more than 1.2 billion websites. As of March 2021, according to Netcraft, there are 1,187,527,949 sites and 263,355,616 domains on the world wide web. The figure changes each second.

Facts About the Number of Websites in the World

Surprisingly, for every seven people in the world, there is a website. However, the number is someway tricky. The number of websites is 4.6 times higher than the number of domains. It means, Netcraft considers portions of sites with separate subdomains as websites. For a realistic calculation, if we’ll only count the number of main domains, then the number of websites in the world is more than 263 million. It’s also not a small figure.

Number of Active Websites in the World

Interestingly, all websites hosted on servers are not active. About 85% of the websites are inactive. Even if we count only the domain names, all domains are not active. Some of those are parked domains that get automated templates of the domain registrars. So the number of functioning websites is much lesser. However, the actual number of active and working websites is not less than 100 million. It’s less than one-tenth of the total websites in the world.

How Many Websites Get Real Visitors?

Not more than one-tenth of the total active websites get visitors. That means only about 10 million websites having their meaning of existence. A website having no visitor has no meaning.

Interestingly, not more than one million websites have a good number of visitors. It can be confirmed from the statistics of different ranking agencies like Alexa.

Alexa’s ranking is mostly based on user interaction. Although the ranking is not directly based on the number of visitors, it can give a good insight.

As we observed, any website that is ranked beyond five million has hardly one visitor per day. It’s not surprising that the sole visitor may be the owner of the site or the site’s webmaster. Websites that have ranking in between five to two million have not more than an average of two visitors per day. Likewise, an average of two to three visitors to a site with few minutes dwelling time can help it get a rank between two and one million.

As per Alexa ranking and visitors’ actions are concerned, there are less than one million websites that are really get visited by some visitors. Out of which, about 500,000 websites get an average of 10 to 20 visitors to each per day. About 300,000 websites get an average of 20 to 50 visitors a day for each. About 200,000 websites get more than100 visitors to each daily. Only about 100,000 websites have a significant amount of visitors. 500 top-ranked websites receive millions of visitors daily.

This estimated statistics create a sorry figure for many website owners. Less than 0.5% of total active websites have a significant amount of visitors. A site having extremely low visitors have no significant business value. Most of the websites come in this category.

What is the Number of Your Website?

If you have a website, it’s number is really a significant aspect. As you learned, less than 0.5% of total active websites and less than 0.05% of all websites in the world get visited by humans. If your website doesn’t come within half-million Alexa rank, it has no business value, how beautiful it may be.

If you have a B2B business, the rank of your site between 500,000 to 300,000 is quite good. If you have the B2C type of business, 300,000 to 1000,000 rank of your site is not bad. However, a blogging website beyond 1000,000 ranks can’t do significant business.

Websites Having Billions of Monthly Visitors

There are only 30 to 40 websites that get billions of monthly visitors. The most popular websites that receive many billion monthly traffic are –


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