How Good is a Career in Ethical Hacking?

Is ethical hacking is a right profession?

In the IT industry, ethical hacking is one of the most interesting and promising careers. Ethical hackers are often considered as the industry’s good guys those help websites, web applications, systems and network being protected from the bad guys. Since venerability of web spaces or networks is growing in an alarming rate, there is high demand of ethical hackers. You can expect a handsome earning if you posses sound skill in this profession.

Before discussing complete career perspectives in ethical hacking, let me clarify –

  • What is ethical hacking?
  • How much Important is Ethical Hacking?
  • What an Ethical hacker do?
  • How you can be an ethical hacker?
  • Where you can be trained to become an ethical hacker?
  • How much you can earn in this profession?

Meaning of Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking or white-hate hacking is a process of testing of systems or networks to find out threats and vulnerabilities to malicious attack and fixing the same. Ethical hackers use the same techniques and tools that a malicious hacker uses. The purpose of ethical hacking is to improving the security and protecting from vulnerabilities.

An ethical hacker is a well skilled professional who possess excellent technical skill so that he/she can explore and identify the possible threats as well as know how to fix the issues. He/she is expected to work under due permission of the owner and report each aspect of the vulnerabilities to the management. Along with the skill sets, good moral character is expected from a professional ethical hacker.

Importance of Ethical Hacking

No business or government agency can run without computers and networks. Information and computer technology (ICT) is one of the primary requirements everywhere. However, the much the dependency on technology is growing, the more the vulnerability is increasing. Everywhere there is fear of cyber crime. It may be a terrorist organization or a gang of bad guys; it can steal your data, loot your financial assets, and hijack your website and so on. Once hacked, it’s almost impossible to get the damages recovered. This is why system and network security should be at the first place.

Hackers attack every 38 seconds. The worldwide financial loss due to cyber attack is going to be $ 155 million by 2020. 68% of networks are yet unprotected. These are few of the reasons why ethical hacking is important. Ethical hackers can save the businesses and governments from immeasurable losses.

Job and Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker

Ethical hackers play important roles in providing system and cyber security. In fact, cyber security can’t be imagined without taking the help of an ethical hacker.

The steps through which ethical hackers ensure security of system or network can be simplified as follow:

  1. Penetrating into system or network with the knowledge of the owner
  2. Exploring the probabilities of threats and vulnerabilities
  3. Informing the management about the same
  4. Fixing the issues
  5. Continuing surveillance on micro level for upcoming threats
  6. Providing ultimate security to the systems and networks

It’s not always necessary that the ethical hacker alone will perform all the tasks. Providing ultimate security mayn’t be his/her duty. However, most of the companies and agencies expect that all the security aspects of their systems and networks are managed by a single person. Therefore, along with learning the white hat hacking activities, you should also possess strong skill in security essentials.

While performing ethical hacking for a business or a government agency, you need to be careful about few morals and legal aspects. We can simplify the aspects as follow:

  • Comply with the rules of the company
  • Comply with the law of the land
  • Avail due permission before penetrating
  • Ensure confidentiality

While ethical hackers are known as the white-hat hackers, hackers with bad intentions are known as black-hat hackers. In between, there’s a third category; it’s – grey-hat hackers. This category of hackers, although, don’t have a bad intention, they just penetrate into systems and networks in order to find the vulnerability statuses. Before penetrating they don’t inform the management or the owners. However, they inform the management just after hacking.

Grey-hat hacking may be dangerous to you. Even without a bad intention, you may be charged with crime.

Ethical Hacking Training Opportunities

I don’t need to mention that quality training is the most for any profession. In order to be a successful ethical hacker, your first requirement is training. There’re multiple ways to avail training opportunities. The common types are –

  • Getting enrolled into a local institute that offers training in ethical hacking
  • Getting registered for an online course
  • Availing the benefit of a short term course or workshop

 Learning Ethical Hacking from a Local Institute

The course duration at physical institute varies from 30 days to 90 days. Fee structure varies from Rs.10,000 to Rs 30,000. Such types of institutions are available only in major cities.

There are many cases that you may not choose a physical institution. The cases include –

  • You don’t have adequate free time to learn ethical hacking from an institute
  • You don’t want to spend heavy amount, such as Rs 10,000 or more
  • Your city don’t possess such institute
  • You don’t possess the minimum qualification that the institute requires

In such cases, you’ve two prominent alternatives, viz., opting for an online course or looking for an opportunity to attend an intensive workshop.

Online Programs on Ethical Hacking

There are many educational websites those offer online program/course on ethical hacking. You may choose one of those. Mostly, the mode of training is through pre-recorded video tutorial and text inscription. In online learning program, you mightn’t get access to the trainer directly.

Ethical Hacking Workshop

Learning ethical hacking through attending a workshop is one of the best options. It’s not time consuming. The cost factor is also effective. Normally, the duration of a workshop is two or three days. Registration fee varies from Rs 3,500 to Rs 7,500. A skilled and experienced trainer can help you all the required skill within three to six sessions.

You may search for an agency that offers ethical hacking and other security fundamentals through workshops. You can search on Google to find out the right ethical hacking trainer and training workshops in your city.

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