A Career in Digital Marketing in India in 2021: Scopes, Opportunities and Challenges

How Good is a career in digital marketing?

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How good is a career in digital marketing in 2021?

A career in digital marketing is highly rewarding, as well as challenging!

Demand for competent and skilled digital marketers is ever-growing and will continue. Brands are intrigued in investing more in digital marketing and looking for bright professionals to sail the ship. It doesn’t matter whether you are working for a company or your agency or working as a freelancer. If you have adequate knowledge and skill in the domain, you’ll surely earn an impressive amount. Your rewards will be many times higher than a traditional marketer. Though the conventional forms of marketing will not vanish entirely from the scene, digital marketing is going to be the major game changer with up to 85% share. Traditional modes of marketing exist and will exist, but the digital way of marketing can keep it far behind. It has already established itself as the most cost-effective, target-specific, result-oriented, and measurable mode of marketing. Specifically, due to its inbound and immersive nature, it could add many wings to marketing. There are many reasons to envision the bright and promising future of this mode and career in it.

A career in digital marketing is, however, not less challenging. What do I mean by it? It’s not everyone’s cup of tea! Being a marketing consultant for not less than seven years, I know how much commitment and hard work it requires. Furthermore, while you are talking of a career, the strength and demand of a field are not the only aspects. There are many other aspects to think about; but, you need to consider a lot of perspectives while you are opting to be a digital marketing professional. Two crucial needs are – evaluate yourself and know the basics of the niche.

Mostly in 2021, a career in digital marketing is highly challenging. It’s enjoyable too.

Let me provide you some clues so that you can have the right decision.

Evaluate Yourself

Ask yourself some simple questions:

  • Are you hard working for learning new things and applying the same ever while?
  • Can you do enough to train your brain to be smarter day by day?
  • Can you go for strategy, technology, and creativity altogether?
  • Are you visionary enough or teach yourself to be adequately visionary?

If the answers are definitely “Yes”, a career in digital marketing will be enormously rewarding for you.

Like any other marketing system, digital marketing also demands alert and dynamic brains to create a precise strategy for a situation in a call. Building a strategy for business growth requires a lot of care and a competitive vision.

Digital technology is vast and enriching every day. You need to understand the technical specification for digital marketing and upgrade you regularly. Each day you should be prepared to understand the new technological invention in your niche.

Creativity is the most crucial aspect that you should have to be a successful marketing professional. Due to the inbound nature of most of the digital marketing components, creativity in delivering the message is of utmost importance.

If you feel comfortable in all the above aspects, and you are ready to work hard to achieve your goals; digital marketing is one of the best options to choose.

Please note that there is no ‘magic mantra’ that makes you able to learn the strategy, technology, and creativity just within a few days. You must have the patience to learn step by step and apply the same in the practical field. Regular evaluation of achievement needs to be your primary goal.

Before opting for a career, you should have some basic idea of what you are going to be.

Know the Niche Area

Digital marketing is an umbrella term. It encompasses many components out of which you can choose your favorite ones. The most prominent areas are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Analytics Tools Handling
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Mobile Marketing
  • E-commerce Specialization
  • Website Development, Design, and Audit

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is crucial to any business website. It ensures that a company website is all over the web, and potential customers can find it easily. An SEO expert has the responsibility of driving traffic to a website through optimizing its visibility for search engines like Google and Bing. To ensure the same, an SEO executive performs several tasks. The most prominent are:

  • Auditing a website to check whether it’s SEO friendly or not.
  • Making changes on the website so that it’ll get better rank by search engines like Google.
  • Building and submitting XML sitemaps to search engines.
  • Developing quality content for the website or asking the content team to do so.
  • Developing meta-title and meta-description for search engines.
  • Managing tags and categories.
  • Evaluating content score.
  • Conducting keyword research and including relevant keywords in the content.
  • Running regular rank checking and SEO improving.

Due to its complex nature and strict criteria, SEO is not an easy job. Very few digital marketers can prove themselves to be abled SEO experts. If you are keen to understand the technical criteria and strategic requirements of better SEO, as well as to develop quality content: SEO can be a rewarding choice for you. Due to the lack of adequate competent professionals and its inherent complexity, SEO experts get higher salaries than any other digital marketers. For the same reason, if you are well skilled in the niche, you can get a lucrative job with ease.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is well known as the king of all marketing methods. Second to SEO experts, content marketers are highly paid professionals. Since SEO depends highly on content, content marketers with sound familiarity with SEO techniques get an exciting job offer with a better salary. If you possess good writing or/and media developing and editing skills, with vast knowledge on a different topic in your niche: you should surely choose this career. 

Responsibilities of a content marketer include, but not limited to:

  • Creating content that has all the qualities of going viral.
  • Making sure that all the content is original, unique, relevant, and free from errors.
  • Including the maximum possible amount of keywords in the contents.
  • Making sure that the content is promoted well through SEO, PPC, SMM, and emails.
  • Researching content trends and subject matters.

Analytics Tools Handling

Analytical tools such as Google Analytics help businesses keep an open eye on the result of their online marketing activities. An analytics expert primarily sets different metrics to observe various aspects of traffic to the company website, the effect of a separate marketing campaign, data insight, and possibilities of re-marketing. They play as the coordinator of different units of digital marketing. If you have good analytical ability and marketing insights, you should choose this niche.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

PPC professionals have great demand since they can generate a lot of qualified leads for the company with less investment. Search engine marketing (SEM), display network marketing (DNM), video marketing, and shopping ads are the primary forms of PPC. The responsibilities of a PPC expert include:

  • Company’s PPC account management
  • Keyword research for ad copies
  • Developing and publishing ads
  • Creating, testing, and managing ad groups
  • Refining landing pages for better marketing result
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA) and cost per conversion (CPC) management
  • Generating reports of the campaign

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The growing popularity of social media and the cost-effectiveness of advertising on social platforms – are the two main reasons why companies are investing more in SMM. Due to the high demand in this niche and its chilly nature, anyone tending to digital marketing chooses to be a social media marketer. Primary job responsibilities include:

  • Keeping an open eye on changing trends of social media
  • Planning and strategy building
  • Target setting and target specific advertising
  • Developing and publishing content
  • Keeping regular records of the reports

A lot of creativity, good communication skills, and a vast knowledge of all social media trends are the primary requirement to be a successful SMM professional.

Mobile Marketing

Though all the forms of digital marketing primarily target mobile users, mobile marketing still has a different meaning. Mobile marketers generally target the apps and games and put relevant ads in the free versions of the apps. Since free versions have no option to opt-out of ads and the majority of people don’t want to pay for an app or a game, the strategy works effectively. Along with a result-oriented digital marketing strategy, good skills in mobile app development can steer your career as a mobile marketer.

Email Marketing

Although it’s the earliest form of digital marketing, demand for email marketers has suddenly increased in the last two years. In comparison to the previous days, companies started investing thrice for email marketing. Good communication skills and techniques of how to generate quality lead through emails are the two primary prerequisites to choose a career in this niche. Job responsibilities include:

  • Strategically placing subscription forms on the company website
  • Using pop-ups and lightboxes for collecting emails of the users
  • Preparing and sorting mailer lists
  • Setting automated emails
  • developing killer content for emails
  • Observing report and re-marketing

E-commerce Specialization

It’s the highly specialized niche of digital marketing. Since the tendency towards an online purchase is ever-increasing, all businesses are looking for adequate specialists in e-commerce marketing. That you require to be an expert in e-commerce are:

  • Good understanding of e-commerce
  • Observation of online purchase habit and behavior of people
  • Ability to analyze the competition
  • Product, pricing, and offer management strategy

Website Development, Design, and Audit

A website is the primary requirement of any digital marketing method. All the approaches – SEO, PPC, SMM, content, or email altogether aim at driving traffic to the company website. Hence, a website designer plays a crucial role in digital marketing. Since all businesses need websites, the demand for web professionals is naturally high. The primary functions of a web professional in digital marketing are:

  • Developing and designing an SEO friendly website or redesigning an existing website
  • Ensuring the website is well structured and user friendly
  • Looking for keyword density in the content of the website
  • Regular auditing of the website
  • Fixing issues and debugging
  • Social media web tools management, such as Facebook Open Graph (OG) or Twitter Cards
  • Regular maintenance


The good news for those who are interested in digital marketing is that there are very few able professionals in the niche than the demand. The profession requires hard-working, visionary, and dynamic people.

After reading the entire post, if you think about yourself as fit for the profession, you should go for learning the same and begin your career. Starting from a Digital Marketing Executive, you can grow your career up to Digital Marketing Consultant within a few years of practice.

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment box. Wishing you all the best

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  1. Kavita Podar says:

    I just came across your blog post and must say that it’s a great piece of information that you have shared.

  2. Ayushman Mittal says:

    Thank you for an analytical post on opportunities in digital marketing in India. It’s insightful. However, I need some additional information. My queries are –
    1. How much time I need to learn digital marketing?
    2. What is the course fees?
    3. What are included in a certification program in digital marketing?
    4. How much can I earn after getting a training in digital marketing?
    Please help me with your kind reply.

    • Prabash Sahoo says:

      Hi Anshuman,
      Thank you for your genuine queries. Please find our answers below:
      1. The duration of most of the digital marketing certification programs range from three months to six months. However, to learn digital marketing you may roughly need a full year.
      2. Course fee ranges from Rs 35,000 to 90,000 in India.
      3. Please refer to our digital marketing course structure for details.
      4. You can earn anything between Rs 2 lakh to 12 lakhs annually after completing your digital marketing training program. It depends upon the institution where you learned and your skill level.

  3. Kailyn says:

    Prabash Sahoo hello,
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  4. Reta Baillieu says:

    Although I love this post, it’s everything about digital marketing profession only in India. Can you help me by writing on career in digital marketing in the global scenario? It’ll be a good help to me.
    Thank you.

    • Prabash Sahoo says:

      Thanks Rita for your suggestion. From now onward, I’ll take care to do research on scope of digital marketing in different countries around the Globe.

  5. John Smith says:

    Hey There. I found your blog using Google search. That is a really well written article. Though it primarily mean for Indian readers, Europeans like me won’t get more insight. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to reading more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’m going to be back 🙂

    • Prabash Sahoo says:

      Thanks John for your precious comment and suggestion. In fact, I’m not knowledgeable enough in real scope of digital marketing in European countries. However, I’ll take care of my readers from different countries.

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