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What’s Wrong with a Godaddy Online Store


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Being one of the biggest domain registrars and hosting companies, Godaddy has wide reputation. Attractive offers for the first year of subscription and ranges of plans for each service are two basic reasons behind the popularity of the company. I personally love few services offered by Godaddy, such as domain registration, web hosting and SSL certificate. Particularly, the Managed WordPress Hosting Plans are great. However, when it comes to a eCommerce store by the website builder tool of Godaddy, I prefer not to recommend it. Why? There are many reasons. I’m listing few with a real example.

One of my client just completed two years with a Godaddy eCommerce site. Within last two years she couldn’t able to sell a single product through her online store. What she gained? Nothing, except spoiling about more than INR 25000.00 in these two years. The amount was spent just to keep her site alive. I admit that she was naive to run an eCommerce, but that is not everything behind her failure. Choosing a DIY plan was her first mistake and choosing a plan with drastically limited features was the second.

1. DIY website builders have many limitations

In fact, not all the problems are with Godaddy, it’s mostly with the cheap ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) plans or the website builders.

If you are planning to grow your business online, you definitely need a website. But if you think a DIY website will fulfill your requirements, you are surely at the wrong side. People choose DIYs due to their easy drag and drop tools. Using such tools, you can build a beautiful website within few hours. You don’t need to possess any technical skill. These are cheap also. But, what’s the wrong with DIY? All DIYs have limited features. As long as you are planning for a cheap personal website or a basic business website just to showcase your online presence, it’s good. However, if you are planning for adequate business growth through a website or online store, you should anyway avoid a website builder.

2. Godaddy online store doesn’t support an user account

Besides the common limitations of typical website builder, Godaddy online store has few additional limitations. Not having ‘User Account’ is the worst one.

When you are opting for an online store from GODaddy, you can’t add a button for user signup or sign-in. If anyone is interested to purchase from your online store, he/she will normally look for a signup option so that create a separate account for himself/herself. Since such feature is not available with a Godaddy online store, he/she may not prefer to purchase from you. This is because, he/she can’t track his/her order and payment details without a personal account Furthermore, if he/she wish to make some purchase from your site, he/she has to do it immediate or otherwise his/her cart will be deleted. Since he/she can’t have an account on the site, he/she can’t save his/her cart for latter. To summarize, online stores on Godaddy aren’t end user friendly. Hence most of the people don’t pay any interest in purchasing from such online stores.

3. It’s not search engine friendly

Though GoDaddy provides you the facility to submit your site to Google for indexing, it doesn’t facilitate you with better ranking options. With a Godaddy online store you are not free enough to improve your ranking on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Since your potential customer don’t find your online store on the first few search engine result pages (SERP), you can’t get more visitor for your site. What good a online store, about which no one know? This generally happens with all online store built on Godaddy platform. Hence, opting for a Godaddy online store is just spoiling your hard work and money.

4. Drastically limited templates

GoDaddy online store design don’t provide to choose from not more than eight templates. For your online store, you have no other alternative except choosing anyone from the eight available template designs with very limited editing options. It means, you are just creating a duplicate site. Neither the real people who can be your future customers nor the search engines likes any duplicate creation. By choosing GoDaddy online store, you just hurt your dream to create an unique and stunning online store. After paying for the site, you can’t help you in improving the look and components of your site.

5. It’s not Godaddy.com, but MySimpleSite.com is behind the Scene.

After creating your online store by paying to GoDaddy, you’ll receive mail from MySimpleSite for all of site related issues including integrating payment gateway and renewal of your store. It simply means that Godaddy is not the primary player in providing the online store to you. Hence, regarding any issue, your complaint to Godaddy is little relevant.

6. Prices increase after the first year of subscription

GoDaddy creates a image of low cost service provider. But that’s not fact. After the first year of subscription to any GoDaddy product including the online store, you need to pay higher amount for extending your subscription for subsequent years. When your subscription for the initial one year ends, you’ll definitely start thinking that you had taken a wrong decision.

However, there are few other reasons to like Godaddy at the first look. Those include (a) low cost for the first year of subscription, (b) site designs auto optimized for mobile devices, (c) unlimited social media sharing options and (d) drag and drop tools.  But these are not great in comparison to the above cons of GoDaddy online stores.

(Note: The opinion expressed in the post is purely my own. BusinessKrafts or any other in the association are not responsible for the opinion. I certify that I’ve been using Godaddy products for years and have good experience with the pros and con of the products and services.)

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  1. Ashok Mahoto says:

    You’re 100% right.

  2. Pawan Anurag says:

    How is it about creating an online store using WordPress theme and WooCommerce plugin? I don’t possess coding skill. Can I build a eCommerce site for me?

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