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Generate Website Traffic – Methods to Unstoppable Free Traffic

how to increase website visitors

If you have just launched a website, making an effective plan to get website traffic is what you are going to do next. This is the primary concern of all online marketers and they don’t hesitate to invest their money and time to build an ideal traffic generation strategy to get a good return.

To make money online there is only one thing you should do and that is generating website traffic. Without visitors, you don’t stand a chance of making money. Many companies rely on paying for traffic. While that works, when they stop paying, the traffic dries up.

And while you usually have to spend money to make money, it doesn’t take much money to get unstoppable traffic to your website. Many of the best ways are free.

Think about it. How do you think many of the biggest sites are getting traffic? They are spending a small fortune on advertising, that’s how. To them, it is worth it, because frankly, they are making a huge fortune.

Most of you reading this are not in the same league as the big hitters. You don’t have an unlimited advertising budget. Trying to pay for advertising might end up hurting you more than helping you.

So with that in mind here is a list of my top methods to get traffic to your site. These are all free or low-cost ways. They sound simple but if you will do at least one of these things each day, you will be amazed at the results.

Search Engine Optimization

As just mentioned, having more links will increase your rankings in search engines. The higher your ranking, the more likely you will get free traffic from the engines. These Best SEO and Keyword Research Tools can help you to rank higher in the SERPs and get higher targeted traffic.

In addition to having links to and from other sites, you need to provide content. Search engines are in the business of providing content to their users. If you have content on your site they will show your site to surfers.

You need to make sure your content is unique and not copied from somewhere else. It also should be focused on a keyword. These two things will help you rank higher in the search engines.

Article Marketing

Though little time-consuming, this method is still believed to be the most dominant over any traffic generation strategy. All you need to do is to write quality articles and submit them to different reputed article directories like EzineArticles.com, GoArticles.com, etc to bring high-quality targeted visitors to your site. If you are short on time, you can easily leave the responsibility to an expert article marketer.

Share to Social Bookmarking Sites

This is another good idea to bring high-quality and targeted traffic to your site. Since sharing to different social bookmarking sites ensures getting attention from like-minded people, it is always a good idea to share your articles/posts to different social bookmarking sites like Digg, del.icio.us, etc.

Video Marketing

Even before the technological ages, visual cues were always considered as one of the most powerful mediums, so is true when it comes to marketing a website. Create a compelling video that tells the reader about your product or service or how you could be truly useful for your targeted visitors. Once created, you must upload them to different free video-sharing directories like YouTube, Google video, etc. Soon you will be able to draw the attention of highly targeted visitors to your business site.

Blog Marketing

It’s not just writing in your blog, but you can write to others also as a guest blogger and take part in active discussion with other readers. When you write in other’s blogs and participate in active discussions, more people will take interest in your contribution, provided you can add value to it. The more people will take interest in you, the more visitors you will get to your site eventually.

However, these are not all that you can do to make your site popular and to bring a high volume of targeted traffic to your site. There are still many other ways to bring high-quality targeted traffic to your site. All you need to be consistent in planning your strategy and thus executing them. Be patient and start taking action now.

Exchange Links

Have you ever seen a website that did not have links to other websites on the page? Most webmasters are willing to swap links to increase their exposure to a larger audience.

It works like this. First, you find another website in the same niche as yours. The subject matter of the two sites should be related but not in direct competition with each other. Next, you put up a link to the other site and they put up a link to your site.

Soon you should start to see an increase in traffic as visitors to the other site click on the link and visit your site. The more visitors the other site has the more visitors you can get.

A link exchange will also help increase your rankings in the search engines. If you are looking for an SEO tool then Semrush is the way to go. You can have a look at recent Semrush Updates that will help you to understand the tool better.

Write and Submit Articles

There are plenty of ezines on the internet that are looking for free content. You write articles for these sites. Make sure it is keyword-focused and relevant to your site. In each article, you can include a resource box that links to your site. After people read your article, they will visit your site to find out more information.

For a true no-cost method, write these articles and submit them yourself. If you have the money to spend, you can get freelancers to write and submit them for you.

Write about something you know so you can provide good information to people. If your information is not good, no one will want to read more at your site. Include tips and tricks about your subject if you can. That makes it more interesting to your readers.

Publish a Newsletter

Although this sounds like a lot of work, it is not that bad. You can use a lot of free articles as long as you give credit to the author. Write some articles yourself and use some articles from other sources to publish your newsletter without too much work.

As more people become aware of your newsletter, you will build a list of regular visitors that you can monetize later.

Join Some Forums

Find some online forums in your niche. Join them and take part in the discussions. Share your knowledge and your website. Use your signature file to advertise and post a lot.

As your reputation in the forum grows, more people will trust you and visit your site. Just be sure to be yourself and be honest. People can spot a faker from miles away.

However, these are not all that you can do to make your site popular and to bring a high volume of targeted traffic to your site. There are still many other ways to bring high-quality targeted traffic to your site. All you need to be consistent in planning your strategy and thus executing them. Be patient and start taking action now.

Shubham Chopra
Shubham Chopra

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