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Helping you in getting a beautiful e-commerce site for your online business is not enough! Hence, our responsibilities are extended up to – product listing, catalog creating, description writing, prices and offer management, shopping cart monitoring, sales funneling,  payment gateway integration, order handling, packaging, cost-effective shipping solution, customer relationship management (CRM), enhanced user experience (UX) creation, e-commerce marketing, and more. We further extend our responsibilities to our e-commerce clients by helping them in research, planning, analytics, and marketing automation. We also help our clients in online marketplace integration and managed e-commerce site enhancement.

Our complete end-to-end e-commerce services and e-commerce solutions enable online business owners to sell directly to consumers around the world through their brand stores and online marketplaces.

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Delivering High-Impact E Commerce Solutions

If you a looking for a complete e-commerce service provider or end-to-end e-commerce solution company, BusinessKrafts is your best choice. However, before choosing us, you need to know what we can do for you. So, slowly scroll up to the end to discover the complete ranges of our services so that you can be convinced before placing an order with us.

End-to-end E-commerce Solutions

We manage your online brand functionalities

Online brand management and simultaneously satisfying the value oriented customers was never so easy. At BusinessKrafts, we provide unique solutions to businesses in gaining lasting customer loyalty by personalizing their shopping experiences and presenting the brand as their best choice.

Managed E-commerce Services

We manage everything for your online stores

Managing an online business was never so easy. At BusinessKrafts, our priorities are helping our clients with best solutions for their online businesses to operate hassle-free. You just need to do your business as usual and we’ll provide solutions to making everything automated.



Get your eCommerce site built and designed by one of the top e-commerce service providers in India.

You Need Our Services

Because it was never so easy to get the right online partner.

Our primary e-commerce services include:

  • E-commerce Site Development: BusinessKrafts is a top-rated eCommerce development company among few. We offer stunning e-commerce site development services with customized features in accordance with your need.
  • E-commerce Site Design: We make sure that each of your specifications is fulfilled from ideation to final store launch. Our experienced team expertise in delivering high-value user experience (UX) while designing an online store.
  • CMS E-commerce Solutions: Content Management System (CMS) solutions for e-commerce in high demand due to the freedom and cost-effectiveness is associated with each profile. If you’re looking for a CMS like WordPress or Drupal, we are the leading service provider with many exciting offers.
  • Managed Platform Extension: E-commerce sites on managed platforms also need professional support. If you’re looking for complete solutions to your managed online store so that you can boost sales, we are here to help you.

How We Help Online Businesses to Grow?

B2C E-commerce Solutions

  • Highly professional and easy to use e-commerce store fronts with –
    • Admin login
    • User login
    • Product highlights
    • Offer highlights
    • Knowledge panel
    • Price comparison
    • Review and ratting
    • Shopping cart analytics
    • Swift payment gateway
    • Automated order processing
    • Easy shipping
    • Shipping and payment tracking
    • Automated relationship management
    • Robotic chat corner
    • Intelligent light boxes and more.
  • Automated and semi-automated marketing management –
    • E-commerce SEO ready
    • Automated email shout out
    • Auto responses to queries
    • Social media sharing
    • Automated re-marketing for abandoned cart
    • Smart re-marketing to get returned the unsatisfied customers
    • Smart insight into the cost for customer accusation
  • Inventory and order management
  • Invoicing and billing management
  • Analytics and business intelligence
  • Customer service and CRM integration

B2B E-commerce Solutions

  • Speed and convenience is our priority that ensure thst your B2B e-commerce site is working properly in real time.
  • Clients’ trade account with product and pricing unique to them
  • Easy payment methods through credit account
  • Tax credit automation
  • Bulk order upload from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Seamless integration of advanced solution with the daily business processes
  • Advanced B2B solutions to easily manage orders, content, products and stock in real time from any device and location
  • Additionally, all features of B2C e-commerce solutions

Multi Vendor E-commerce Solutions

  • Easy vendor sign-up
  • Vendor training modules
  • Multi-linear vendor management
  • Separate vendor storefronts
  • Separate dashboards for super admin, vendors and customers
  • Splendid capacity to easily handle all aspects
  • Easy to fine tune your online marketplace tons of ready features and open source codes
  • Easy management of promotions, special offers, reporting and analytics
  • Expanded sales channels
  • Unique brand management
  • Additionally, all other features of B2C e-commerce solutions.

Managed E-commerce Services

  • Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce Implementation
  • Managing custom-developed eCommerce Platforms for you (both PHP and .NET)
  • E-commerce platform selection and validation as per your requirement
  • E-commerce re-platforming (moving from one e-commerce platform to another)
  • Complete e-commerce security
  • Dedicated platform manager
  • 24X7 support
  • All other services as mentioned for B2C e-commerce solutions

Online Marketplace Integration

  • Integrating your business to almost all online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc.
  • Managing your inventory, orders and customer data of all marketplace channels from one dashboard
  • Automatic synchronization of your inventory for online marketplace from offline store, Facebook store and web store
  • In-depth analytics of your business and plan ahead to increase your brand’s visibility, sales & revenue.
  • All other services as mentioned earlier.

Payment and Logistic Solutions

  • Easy payment and collection option with lowest service charges
  • Low cost last-mile delivery opportunities
  • Full path tracking option for both merchant and customers
  • Integrated packaging facilities
  • COD collection centers across the globe
  • Hassle-free return and refund management
  • Full responsibilities on the servicing vendor

Customer Satisfaction Management

  • Automated initial responses to customers’ complaint while maintaining high-end professional standard
  • IVR solutions
  • Detailed analysis of customer behavior
  • Special action to get returned the unsatisfied customers
  • Low-risk special offers to gain customer loyalty
  • Personalized treatment with each customer

E-commerce Analytics and Statistics

  • Real-time statistics for customer flow, purchase, abandoned cart, customer accusation, returning customers and more
  • Analytical data for marketing efforts
  • Auto action on the basis of data and analytics to improve performance
  • Smart insight into ROI and other important aspects
  • Complete analytics automation

E-commerce Problem Solving

  • Easy solutions to all e-commerce sales funneling issues
  • Smart insight report and also action on the basis of the insight data
  • Compete for analysis and action

E-Commerce Websites and Online Stores – FAQs

  1. Do you create custom website for all type of e-commerce?

    Yes, on clients demand, we develop tailor-made e-commerce sites with unlimited customization options.

  2. Do you redesign existing e-commerce sites?

    Yes, we do. If your existing site is not appealing enough, we’ll redesign it for better appealing and UX.

  3. Do you work on CSM to design an e-commerce site?

    If our client has low budgetary provision, we suggest him/her to choose a content management system (CMS) like WordPress with WooComerce plugin and design the same for him/her.

  4. Do you also help in designing and customizing hosted e-commerce site like Shopify?

    Yes, starting from designing and customizing, up to product and offer management, we help our clients at each level of running an online store on Shopify.

  5. What are the priority areas you help merchants who are selling online?

    We offer A to Z e-commerce solutions. Our e-commerce packages include everything that is required to start and successfully run an online store.

  6. How much is the cost of an e-commerce site?

    It depends on type and quality of your e-commerce site. 185 dollars (INR 20,000) annually is our starting cost. The more features you demand, the more it’ll be costlier. However, our cost is the lowest in the market as the quality and UX matter.

  7. How much you charge for e-commerce management services?

    It depends upon your requirement. Our minimum monthly charge is 100 dollars (INR 7000) for a single project. Depending upon the amount of services you require, the charges will be calculated.

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