Disadvantages of Free Hosting Plans

risk of free web hosting plans

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There are many things available on the internet for free of cost and some people are dangerously accustomed with the freemium models. However, freebies can’t help you if you are a business. Businesses need to invest some bucks in everything that they need to sustain and grow. This is highly applicable if you are going to have your online presence through a website.

Many times you may be lured with a free web hosting plan or a completely free website. This may sound good, but that can too kill your growth in term of online presence with loud voice. Here are some of the prominent reasons why you shouldn’t opt a free web hosting plan.

1. You may have the site, but can’t own the same

When you opt to host your website for free of cost, the worst situation that you can face is your inability to claim the ownership of your site. This is really frustrating. Free web hosting providers keep all rights on the websites those have been hosted on their servers on their own cost. Since you’re paying nothing, you’ve to accept all the terms and condition a free hosting service provider imposes on you. It’s really painful if you intend to do your business in accordance to your choices and convenience. The sorry figure is that many of us don’t care to read the terms and conditions before agreeing with the same.

A free web hosting plan mightn’t let you to reap all the hard work you have done to make your website rich. You can understand, there is a difference between freedom and free-dom. If you choose to freedom over free-dom, you’ll never opt for a free hosting plan.

2. You’ve to advertise for other, but not for yourself

Giving something to someone for free of cost directly implies to having control over self benefits. This is what free web hosting providers do for themselves. Although they offer you free services, they also keep the doors open for themselves for earning revenue alternatively. in most of the cases, they earn more from ad credits than the service for which they don’t demand even a penny from you. This is why free websites tends to show more ads in comparison to real content for the intended visitors. As the terms and conditions of getting the free services are there, you don’t have any control over the advertisements. Further more, what will be appeared on your website is completely beyond your control. You mayn’t like the ads, but you’ve to allow. In this way, your own original content will be jeopardized. in the other hand, if you have a fully paid hosting plan, you can place ads on your site on the exchange of extra revenue.

3. You’ll face zero credibility

Not only the external ads, but also the copyright text at the footer of each page of your website will loudly declare that you are cheap and small fry. You don’t have any credibility for yourself. You’re live on behalf of other. You’ll never get opportunity to make the copyright text for you till far you’re not paying for the hosting. This is really a big loss for your business can never be it’s own till far the third party freebie is associated with it. Till the freebie phenomena don’t end, you can never tell your potential customers that you take your business seriously.

A basic hosting plan won’t cost you more than $2 a month. This is many time less than the minimum operating cost of your business. The question is – why shouldn’t you pay such small amount for not being incredible? In fact, a free plan can cost you higher than you can think.

4. Little opportunity for search engine optimization (SEO)

It’s not just your potential customers, but the search engines will also have no faith on you due to your mistake of opting a free plan. There is almost no chance that your pages will be visible on search engines like Google. Search engines never like heavy and uncontrolled advertisement and less authoritative credibility. Numbers of quality pages with rich content can’t help you till you have a website of your own.

5. It lacks the flexibility in design and functionality

A free hosting plan never allow you to have flexibility in designing your website with adequate functionality. The templates offered by free hosting companies are limited. Till far you’ll not willing to pay for the web hosting service, you’ve to struggle with the limitations of not being to design in accordance to your requirements. You won’t be able to change the look or layout, or the interactive features likes the plugins, forums, chat rooms, customer corners, shopping carts, etc.

6. No help and support option

Free services never come with customer support system. No one from the free web hosting company will come to help you if you face any difficulty wit your hosted website. You’ll get what you pay for is the thumb rule. You can’t complain anyone else for not being supported. There is no guarantee how much your server will run properly. If there will be any technical error from the sever side, you’ve to wait till far there is no voluntary attempt to resolve the issue from the other side. All your problems will be your own. In the other hand, if you are paying few bucks for the hosting service, you’ll get instant support and reliable services.

7. It’s notoriously unreliable.

A web hosting plan is good till far it guarantees speed, uptime and availability. Almost all paid hosting service providers are careful of it as they have to earn better customer loyalties. In opposition, free hosting doesn’t generally care about these aspects. There is hardly any mechanism that a free hosting plan monitor speed and uptime. It may be OK for you if you are running a hobby site or testing your website. But if you are running a business, you ca face many adverse situation with a free web hosting plan.

8. Overpriced up-sells

Free web hosting plans are there because the customers will soon tend to avail better services to sustain their businesses. Each website owner wish to avail better support, better speed, more disk space, higher band width and better reliability. Web hosts offering free level of services generally wait such opportunities when they can charge you higher than normal. They know that soon or latter, you have to upgrade and they can charge you as much as they wish to.

There are many other reasons that you shouldn’t opt for a free web hosting service if you’re not a hobby blogger or a student learning the web technology. If you are business, hosting your website on a free server can cost you more than you gain. Difficulty in migrating your site is the most common challenge you have to face.

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  1. Amish Dhar says:

    Free hosting plans are notoriously unrelliabe. In fact, in the name of free hosting, they try to cheat you. I’ve already experienced the consequences. You rightly pointed out all such evils. Thank you a lot.

  2. Aman Singh says:

    It’s not only that the post explains all disadvantages of free web hosting but this also symbolically illustrate the risk factors through a impressive image. The featured image is awesome.

  3. Ayesha Khan says:

    Free hosting and free website – both are dangerous. There is no better option than investing few bucks in purchasing a hosting plan and creating a website.

  4. Arindam Panda says:

    Free hosting and free websites are really bad and extremely bad – You have raised a very good concern. Thank for such impartial and helpful post.

  5. Amit Patel says:

    I’ve already experienced the worst effect of free hosting. I’ll never suggest such notorious service by greedy web hosts. It’s really very bad.

  6. Riya Medhavi says:

    Another awesome ? post. Really, free hosting are not only bad, those can be drastically worst. I’ve faced the worst situation by trying a free hosting service by Infinity Free.

  7. Sara Mitchell says:

    Free hosting plans are slow killer. They will loot you without letting you know. I had worst experience with such types of money grabbers. Thanks for writing this post to make people aware. It’s, indeed, a great work.

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