Digital Marketing Plans and Packages – India

Are you looking for the best digital marketing package for your business to grow? Here it is!

Affordable Digital Marketing Services in India

We, at BusinessKrafts, offer the best digital marketing bundle services for all business types and sizes. Being the top digital marketing service provider in India, we care for our client’s needs and budgets. You may either ask us to serve you with a custom quote or choose from an existing plan for your requirement. Just let’s know your necessity, and we’ll do everything for you.

Best Digital Marketing Packages in India – 2020

ServicesBasicStandardBusinessEnterpriseService Details
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)₹9,000 / month₹18,000 / month₹28,000 / month₹49,000 / monthClick here
for details
Social Media Optimization (SMO)₹6,000 / month₹13,000 / month₹21,000 / month₹39,000 / monthClick here for details
Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing₹7,000 / month₹15,000 / month₹25,000 / month₹45,000 / monthClick here for details
Email Marketing₹5,000 / month₹12,000 / month₹19,000 / month₹30,000 / monthClick here for details
Content Marketing₹9,000 / month₹18,000 / month₹27,000 / month₹36,000 / monthClick here for details
Lead Generation₹50 to ₹350 / lead₹50 to ₹350 / lead₹50 to ₹350 / lead ₹50 to ₹350 / leadClick here for details
Market Research and Planning₹10,000₹25,000₹45,000₹65,000Click here for details
Consulting ServicesFREE for one hourFREE for one hour₹700 / hour₹1,000 / hourClick here for details
Strategy Development₹5,000₹12,000₹18,000₹29,000Click here for details
Website Design and Development₹4,900₹14,800₹29,900₹59,800Click here for details
Complete Digital Marketing Solutions₹25,000 /month (+ ₹5,000 one time set up cost)₹45,000 /month (+ ₹8,000 one time set up cost)₹68,000 /month (+ ₹12,000 one time set up cost)₹98,000 /month (+ ₹17,000 one time set up cost)Click here for details

Kindly note that the prices indicated in the above table is for information purpose only. Depending upon competition and your specific need, it can be lower or higher. The cost of digital marketing depends upon many factors. The most important factors that determine the expense and budget of digital marketing are:

  1. Level of competition
  2. Size and distribution of the market
  3. Goals and objectives of the marketing campaign
  4. Required work hours to complete the project
  5. Required skill level
  6. Software and SaaS platform charges

We suggest our clients do proper market research and systematic planning before implementing any digital marketing campaign. Otherwise, they may not achieve the desired success.

Digital Marketing Agency Prices in India

Digital marketing is a service that requires continuous efforts. Depending upon the endeavor they need, digital marketing agencies charge differently for different assignments. The pricing policy also depends upon the skill level of the agency or the freelancer. New and low skilled agencies generally charge a lower amount than the well-skilled and established one. You need to plan your budget based on reasonable cost factors. Here are some helpful tips:

SEO Prices and Packages in India

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a service that ensures a higher ranking of web pages on search engines like Google for relevant search queries. It’s highly technical and strategic. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Only well skilled and experienced professionals can execute successful SEO. Therefore, there are fewer SEO professionals in India in comparison to other digital marketing specialization. Furthermore, SEO isn’t a single service. It’s a bundle of services that includes on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content creation, content optimization, keyword research, etc.

Since SEO required a lot of effort and experience, SEO professionals generally charge more. They calculate the cost of a project based on the work hours required. In India, a skilled SEO professional charges ₹400 to ₹700 per hour. The pricing of an SEO package is determined in accordance. A low-cost package is, although not bad for a small startup, more investment in SEO can bring better results. A monthly budget between ₹18,000 to ₹28,000 for SEO is the right choice for existing and medium-size businesses.

SMO Prices and Packages in India

Social Media Optimization (SMO) generally costs less than SEO. The reason is – it’s not as much complected as SEO. Most of the digital marketing agencies in India charge less than ₹500 hourly for SMO activities. They also don’t need to be engaged hours after hours for SMO activities. Therefore a monthly budget in between ₹6,000 to ₹10,000 is a good range. However, you require to optimize the presence of your business on more social media; you need to increase your budget.

PPC (Google Ads) Marketing Prices and Packages in India

Pay per Click (PPC) or Google Ads marketing cost isn’t predictable well as it depends upon various factors. The two most common factors that determine the PPC Ad budget are competition and quality score. Although digital marketing agencies can do nothing with the competition, they can help you with quality score. If the quality of your ad and landing page are better than your competitor, your ad budget will be lower.

Digital marketing agencies charge a commission for their PPC services. It’s usually 10% to 30% of ad spend beside an additional set up cost. Your ad spending will be directly paid to a concerned ad placing company like Google.

We, at BusinessKrafts, have fixed the PPC account set up cost to ₹3,600 irrespective of business type and size. We have a slabbed based commission pattern that is suitable for all businesses. For the first ₹10,000 ad spend in a month, we charge 20% as commission. For the next amount up to ₹50,000, our commission is 15% of the ad spend in a given month. The commission for the next ad spend amount above ₹50,000 is 10%. Our PPC packages are designed to help clients in determining their budget in advance.

Email Marketing Pricing and Packages

Email marketing has been important since the day digital marketing came into existence. Although it’s the oldest digital marketing technique, it’s yet helpful for businesses in reaching their target market.

Email marketing is a complete package based service. The pricing structure is based on the target emails delivered to the target audiences. Digital marketing agencies also consider the effect of such emails on customer accusations.

A monthly budget of between ₹5,000 to ₹10,000 is adequate for a small business in India. In this price range, you’ll get about 10,000 email databases, two to three professionally designed email templates, and up to 80% email delivered in targeted inboxes.

At BusinessKrafts, we have different packages for different email marketing activities. We charge a fixed ₹1,500 for each email template. For every single word in an email message, our price is 50 paisa. For each 1000 delivery, our cost is just ₹500. One time B2B email database price is ₹600 for every thousand accounts. All our email marketing packages are designed following these cost factors.

Content Marketing Cost and Packages in India

Content is the king, and content marketing is superior to any other form of marketing. Neither any business nor any marketing firm can ever ignore the power of content marketing. Due to its powerful impact on potential customers, content marketing is high in demand.

Content marketing is not a package-based service. The budget depends upon the quality and quantity of content need. In this connection, you need thorough planning. You can fix the investment after the planning.

A monthly budget of ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 is a reasonable choice for a small business in India. Within this budget, you can get 10 to 20 blog posts in an average of 750 words each.

At BusinessKrafts, we offer quality content marketing services at a very low cost. For micro and small businesses, we charge around ₹9,000 monthly. At this price, we provide eight blog posts in 1,000 words each.

Lead Generation Services – Plans and Packages in India

Most businesses prefer to avail of lead generation services by paying the cost per lead (CPL). For businesses, it is less complicated, more reliable, and better affordable. You do not have to take the burden of marketing planning and investment. Your marketing agency will do research, plan and invest in marketing activities, and generate leads for you. You will only have to pay for the lead that qualifies.

Since you have to pay only for leads, you do not require any marketing budget to fix. It entirely depends upon the number of leads that you need in a month.

The cost of a lead depends upon the competition and demand. It may be anything. At BusinessKrafts, we generally charge an amount that varies from ₹50 to ₹350 per lead. We have more than a thousand regular clients for this service.

Market Research and Planning – Cost, Budget and Packages in India

Market research and marketing planning are vital to any marketing activity. Unfortunately, there are very few agencies/companies in India that are capable of market research. MSMEs, in India, are also not very serious about rigorous market research and proper business/marketing planning. It is one of the primary reasons behind their failure.

If you are planning for a marketing campaign or a startup, market research and proper planning are two crucial steps to follow. Particularly in the case of marketing, you should not dare to move an inch before a research and planning phase.

Since market research is a critical task, the cost can be obviously higher. However, investing in market research and planning is one of the best decisions.

The starting cost of marketing research in India is not less than ₹10,000 for a micro business. Small and medium businesses need to spend more.

At BusinessKrafts, the starting cost for our market research and planning services is ₹10,000. This price is for a small project only.

Marketing Consulting – Services and Fees in India

Senior Consultants at large marketing agencies/companies offer expert consultancy services to businesses and enterprises. Consulting can help a business in making the right decision and invest effectively.

We, at BusinessKrafts, offer free consulting services to MSMEs. However, if the consulting session exceeds one hour, we charge ₹500/hour. In critical situation, the fees can increase.

Digital Strategy Development Pricing and Packages

A digital strategy is the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. It is not an easy task. You need the help of an experienced specialist/consultant to develop a complete digital strategy for your company.

The fees of digital strategists are generally high. However, at BusinessKrafts, we offer low-cost strategy building services. Our packages start at ₹5,000 for micro and small businesses.

Website Design and Development – Pricing and Packages in India

Each business should have a highly effective website. In digital marketing, a website is a primary requirement.

The cost of a website depends upon various factors. In India, you can get a static website by just investing ₹5,000 or a little more. However, if you want some significant achievement through your website, you need to spend higher. The cost may go from many thousand to a few lakh rupees.

Our website packages for a business website start from ₹5,000 and go up to ₹59,800. E-commerce and booking websites cost 40% extra. Highly dynamic websites cost twice the standard website.

Complete Digital Marketing Solutions – Plans and Packages in India

Complete digital marketing solutions include everything. That is to say – market research, marketing planning, website design and development, digital strategy development, and all sorts of digital marketing campaigns.

It is really cool to partner with a reputed marketing agency to handle A to Z digital marketing activities for your brand/company.

Depending upon the size and type of your business and competition and customer distribution, the prices of customized digital marketing solution packages can vary. However, a monthly budget of ₹30,000 may be a good fit for micro-businesses and small startups.