How to Sustain Your Business During the Pandemic

digital marketing during Covid-19

A destroy isn’t a destroy for ever, it can also create many opportunities!

Prabash R Sahoo

No longer a business is normal during this pandemic. Whatever you may believe or what may be the predictions, you need to ready for a new normal.

Being in a business, you are already facing the drastic impacts and challenges of the worldwide crisis. It has been more than half a year and the future is uncertain. However, it doesn’t mean that the sustenance and growth of your business is under siege. Rather it means that you need to re-examine your marketing strategy for a new beginning.

Yes, a new beginning is inevitable!

Some losses are unavoidable, but it’s also about finding new ways to capitalize on opportunities. The best part of the present situation is taking strategic decisions that will lead your business to be stronger than the challenges. It’s time to make data-driven decisions and to build write strategy for marketing and sales.

Technologies are there to help you. You just need to utilize those smartly.

Right Marketing and Sales Strategy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Although most of the business activities have been online, it’s not uncommon that some businesses were still relying on bricks and mortar stores, trade-shows, or face-to-face meetings. The pandemic created such a situation that about zero scope got left for all forms of traditional sales and marketing strategies. If your business was still offline, you need to review and revise your strategy.

Although lock-down is partially over, it’s yet time to stay home as much as possible. During this historic period of isolation, the internet is one of the most helpful friends for billions of people. This is the opportunity that you can move towards your digital journey. If your business hasn’t yet a solid digital strategy, you should start now without spoiling the time. Waiting for the next normal situation isn’t the answer.

1. Bring your Business Online

The only way to sustain and grow during and after the present crisis is to bring businesses to the online track. It’s neither difficult nor expensive. Rather someway simple and highly cost-effective. The requirements are:

  • A dynamic website with user-friendly interfaces that can deliver high-quality user experiences.
  • Adequate useful content on the website that is well optimized for search engines.
  • A handful of online assets that can help you in superior branding
  • Strategic social media campaigns to engage with potential customers
  • Planned investment in Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising
  • Some other digital marketing campaigns as per the data-driven insights.

2. Implement and Optimize Your Sales Channel

This is the time to explore, implement, and optimize the best online sales channels.

In order to sell effectively and efficiently, you need to –

  • Integrate e-commerce functionality with your website
  • Consider to sell on online market places like Amazone or Flipkart
  • Take advantages of social medial sales channel like Facebook Marketplace
  • Create and promote shopping ads on Google
  • Offer webinars and online conferences
  • Implement online communication tools on your website and other online platforms

3. Review and Revise Your Customer Relationship

An online business with clearly defined marketing strategies can help you get many new customers, but the most important aspect is to retain your existing customer and building a good relationship with your new customers. Most of the time, it’s easy to retain an existing customer than to get loyalty from a new customer. In such cases, you have to work wisely and efficiently.

In a business, what ever may be the strategy, a customer can be the best brand ambassador. If your customers are loyal and satisfied, they can bring more referral business for you. This is why you should have better customer relationship management (CRM) mechanism.

The good news is that digitization of your business can better help you to solve all the issues related to customer relationship. Here are some useful tips:

  • Integrate the following three forms on your website
    • Contact form
    • Feedback/suggestion form
    • complaint form
  • Encourage your customers to provide feedback/suggestions
  • Response to all communication
  • Resolve complaint quickly
  • Prioritize online chatting with customers
  • Set up dedicated helpline number and email
  • Engage with your customers on social media and forums
  • Implement loyalty rewards
  • Introduce referral rewards
  • Remarket for abandoned carts and left away customers

4. Invest Smartly

How you are investing during a crisis is much important. Neither you can keep yourself away from investing nor you invest amid uncertainty. So your investment should timely, efficient and smart.

Before investing in any new project, come out with adequate data derived from systematic research. Analyze the data with a data analysis tool (preferably, powered by AI or ML) to have a strong insight.

In order to keep investment minimize, outsource external agencies when required.

5. Minimize Your Marketing Cost

Marketing automation is one of the best solutions to curtail your marketing budget. Your online boarding will help you completely.

Hire an agency that has the expertise to reduce your overhead costs.

Hire a digital marketing partner to take complete responsibility in a cost effective manner.

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    Useful and intelligent suggestions. Many small businesses are struggling to survive during this pandemic and your suggestions can help them. Thanksharing.

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    Thanks for letting me know the steps that I should implement during the crisis period. Since the present is much uncertain, we should proceed with care. However, digital marketing can be a great step to grow.

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    Bringing sales and marketing channels online is the primary requirement. Those small businesses that are yet unaware of the fact, can’t avoid losses and extinction.

  4. Patrick Pierce says:

    Useful and timely suggestion. In fact, there is no other way than adopting digital strategy during the present cricis. It’s also an opportunity to businesses in getting the most powerful mode of marketing and growth. Thanks for talking all about these.

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    All good suggestions. I hope those can be helpful. Thanks.

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    Hi Hema, thanks for a special post that is reqiured in a time when the entire globe is strugling hard.

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