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Content Marketing and Creative Services

content is the king

Why Content Marketing?

Being at the center of all marketing approaches, content ensures enormous and long lasting gain for the marketers and businesses. Although indirectly, it's yet the central pivot around which the complete marketing efforts revolves. Thinking of marketing without content is really a hard task.

In order to truly build an influential relationship with your audience and gradually converting them into loyal customers, a strategic-creative mix approach in

developing killer content is a must. Content should be engaging and meaningful. Your content must showcase your brand’s expertise, and meet your audience’s needs. And, we would love to help you every step of the way.

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Why Businesses Choose Us

As a premium content marketing agency, we understand that content needs to be done interesting, engaging, human, inspiring as well creative so that it will lead people to read all the way to the end and then hit “share.” Each content, whether it’s blog post or a white paper should have a clear objective.

Not only a great content, but also strategic amplification with comprehensive research, customized keyword planning, rigorous standard along with holistic approach play the major role.

Irritating buzz words and industry jargon might spoil most your hard work along with the portion of your hard earned revenue you are spending on advertising and marketing. Rather, content with strategic marketing approach, pin point beneficial for a  clearly defined audience, having basic characteristic of relevance, clarity and consistency can gear a target to gain. An marketing message created with out thorough researches and clear cut strategy might have no result.

At BusinessKrafts, we adopt many innovative methods to reach at target audience with definite impact factors for our valued clients.We not only consider the demographic factors, but also the geographic, social-graphic, psycho-graphic as well as the behavioral aspects of the target audience. While choosing the audience we deploy tactic to deeply understand the want, need, concern, question and pain point of the target group.  Besides statistical survey and impact factor analysis, we go through contextual experimentation, before lunching any content marketing campaign.

Creativity, being the most important aspect of content marketing, need the first attention before conceptualizing a strategy. We do this job through six tier preparation through six creative persons. For text, we make it written, then make it edited and then make it reviewed by experts. For the image and video aspect, we go through the similar processes of producing, editing and reviews.. After being fully satisfied, we bring out the same for the larger audience.

We are primarily focused on strategy, consulting, creation and promotion that engages audiences and supports business goals over the internet so that we can maximize the potentiality of turning visitors into customers.

A to Z of Content Marketing We Do for Our Clients

We do it step by step till the goal achieved:-

  1. Defining objectives and goal
  2. Defining the target audience
  3. Doing research and analyzing data
  4. Enumerating the assets
  5. Defining the required content type and nature
  6. Preparing blue-print
  7. Developing content
  8. Editing and proof reading
  9. Adding affiliate and non-affiliate links
  10. Posting the content and sharing the same on social media
  11. Optimizing for search engines
  12. Asking audience to subscribe content via email
  13. Updating content periodically.