Being an innovative B2B farm that provides diverse services to businesses, BusinessKrafts welcomes dedicated professionals in varied fields, like Market Research, Data Analysis, Website Development and Design, Graphic Design, Creative Writing and Editing, Content Development, Relationship Management, HR Management, Field Marketing, Logistic Support, Account and Taxes, Legal Support etc. For a career opportunity, we encourage you to write us with your latest resume/CV.

Immediate Opportunity in Core Fields

In the following core fields, we have vacancies at present. Interested candidates may apply with latest resume. Please go through details of requirements before applying.

  • Web Programmer
  • Website Designer
  • iOS and Android App Developer
  • Search Engine Optimizer
  • Content Writer (English)
  • Content Writer (Hindi)

Web Programmer


  • Proficient in PHP with strong hand in core PHP, MySQL, JavaScript/Ajax.
  • Strong knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Flash scripting.
  • ability to develop enterprise level web application from concept.
  • ability to work independently as well in team.
  • Minimum experience required is three years

Website Designer


  • Minimum two years’ experience required.
  • Strong hand in CSS based web design.
  • Ability to create visual effect and design using Adobe Photoshop, Flash, and JavaScript.
  • Strong understanding of CMS including WordPress.
  • Knowledge in Drupal and Joomla is plus point.
  • Comfortable in learning new skill and using new technology is desirable.
  • Willingness to travel to client’s site is required.

App Developer


  • Minimum two years experience in either iOS or Android app development.
  • Should have good knowledge of Core Java with Android SDK.
  • Good hands on with Oracle, GIS, C/C++ with iOS SDK.
  • Strong understanding of software based practices as it applies to mobile app development.
  • Framework development experience is highly desirable.
  • Strong project management skill is highly required.

Search Engine Optimizer


  • Strong knowledge of search engine algorithm.
  • High proficiency in key word research.
  • Site-wide and page level audits to identify issues and ensure the site is properly constructed to maximize search engine visibility.
  • Link building strategies and techniques.
  • On-page and off-page content planning and development.
  • Up-to-dated with latest technology and algorithm sift.
  • Ability to create search engine friendly content.
  • Ability to work in team as well as independently.
  • Minimum three years’ experience as an SEO expert.

Content Writer (English and Hindi)


  • High level command over the respective language.
  • Should have ability to write minimum 5000 words in a single day.
  • Error free, simple, structured and impressive writing skill.
  • Ability to research on the internet.
  • Knowledge in wide ranges of topics and subject.
  • Minimum two years’ experience in blog writing.
  • Knowledge of SEO friendly blog structure.
  • Good understanding of search engines
  • Multilingual translation skill will be plus point.

Please Note

  • Salary: Negotiable. Please include expected salary in your resume.
  • Resume:
    • Clearly indicate your key skill and proficiency level.
    • Include experiences in detail with projects executed.
    • Only mention highest educational qualification with year of passing.
    • Mention all all professional certifications with year of obtaining.
    • Provide two references with names, addresses, email ids and phone numbers.
    • Provide your social media profile ids (at least Facebook and LinkedIn).
  • Portfolio: Details of project handled with your role.
  • Mail your resume to [email protected]
  • After processing your resume, we will inform you over email.
  • If your resume will be short listed, you have to go through a skill test and an interview.
  • All communication will be only through email. Please don’t make any phone call to know your application status.

All the above jobs posted are for full time professionals. However, you may too apply for part time and freelancing opportunity with us. For freelancing position, please fill in the following form and submit. No resume required.