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Identity and Branding

Creating and Protecting Identities,
Building Brand Strategies.

We Transform Your Vision into Identity

We are identity and branding strategist with a modern approach to help businesses grow uniquely. We help manufacturers to see the full benefits of transformation initiatives, by designing meaningful brands that deliver a lasting competitive advantage.

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Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.

Larry Ackerman

Digital Solutions
Ultimate Branding Effect

In this high age of digitization, creating a lasting brand effect is a tough task. A step by step strategy with careful planning and implementation is highly recommended. Carving an unique logo or a unique name or an appealing slogan might not help you till far you are no skilled in how to amplifying your brand effect and protecting the same.


What is Truly a Brand?

A design, logo, name or slogan might represent your brand, but none of these is a brand as itself. A brand is, in fact, the entire feeling and experience the prospects and customers have with a company, product or service.

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Identity is one of the primary requirements for any business to sustain and grow. First step towards making and establishing an identity is Branding. Your business name, logo, trademark, tag line, theme and color patter of your website or your marketing materials all together cause for branding. Everything should be unique. You can’t adopt anything from other. Your logo should be designed such a way that it deffer your brand from thousands of other. It need to be creative enough to tell a new story. It must able to deliver a strong appealing message. Other elements for your identity and marketing purposes should have the same characteristics.

However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.

Winston Churchil

If you are designing your own logo, graphics, website, banners etc., take utmost care to deliver unique impression. You may take assistance from the BusinessKrafts team. We will not charge anything from you in providing guideline. To assure things to be done in complete professional way, you may assign us the responsibility. Pricing for different sorts of assignment varies depending upon time it consumes. However, you will be rest assured that our pricing are lowest in comparison to our competitor. 100% satisfaction is our guarantee. Along with designing your brand identity, we will take full responsibility in marketing your brand. Just drop a mail at care@businesskrafts.com. We will get back to you within next 24 hours.