How to Promote Virtual Events on Social Media

You are probably aware that in the present digital landscape, the latest marketing strategies are crucial necessities. With most businesses shifting from in-person events to those that happen online, how can you make your event stand out? Your social media channels are the best way to promote, build excitement and gain participants for your next virtual event.…
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Six Reasons Why Failure Leads to Success in Entrepreneurship

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but rising every time we fail. Confucius Sweetest victory has been always difficult. In your long run, you have many hurdles. Things might not work properly. Things might not go as planned. You might fail. But that’s, in fact, not the end. That can be the starting…
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Generate Website Traffic – Methods to Unstoppable Free Traffic

If you have just launched a website, making an effective plan to get website traffic is what you are going to do next. This is the primary concern of all online marketers and they don’t hesitate to invest their money and time to build an ideal traffic generation strategy to get a good return. To…
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SEO Glossary 2021: Essential Terminology

To play freely around with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you need to know the meaning and definition of the most useful SEO terms, phrases, and jargon in the industry. This glossary, with 269 terminologies and their meanings, is designed to serve the primary purpose of helping you in learning SEO. Before digging deep into search…
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Best Google My Business Practices

During the current global pandemic situation for more than a year, many local and small-medium businesses have faced big revenue losses and it will continue till an uncertain point of time. However, the present situation of uncertainty didn’t affect some other businesses. For example, we at BusinessKrafts and at some other subsidiary businesses of us,…
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The Pros and Cons of E-commerce

These days, exclusive trading through online methods is something normal to a lot of businesses. According to Shopify, overall e-commerce sales should reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. In setting up an online business, the business owner must experience a similar strategy as a conventional business. This strategy involves defining a marketable strategy, drafting a statement…
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Marketing Hacks for Driving Website Traffic

You could have a gorgeously designed website with a stellar product, but something is still missing. The visitors. Customers. The whole purpose of your website in the first place!  Unfortunately, having a fantastic website is not enough when no one sees it. A successful website is connected, interactive, and relevant. SEO should be your middle…
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E-commerce Branding: The Ultimate Guide for 2020-2021

Having wonderful products on sale that are loved by customers paired with a fair pricing policy is just one side to the success of an online retail store. With the competition getting higher and higher, many other things have to be taken into consideration to stay afloat. As such, no eCommerce store will go far…
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Top Trends in Web Design: 2021

Everyone wants to make their website trendy and easy to access. Here are 8 Leading Web Design Trends to make your website dominate in 2021.

A Career in Digital Marketing in India in 2021: Scopes, Opportunities and Challenges

How good is a career in digital marketing in 2021? A career in digital marketing is highly rewarding, as well as challenging! Demand for competent and skilled digital marketers is ever-growing and will continue. Brands are intrigued in investing more in digital marketing and looking for bright professionals to sail the ship. It doesn’t matter…
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