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Best Google My Business Practices

My Business on Google

During the current global pandemic situation for more than a year, many local and small-medium businesses have faced big revenue losses and it will continue till an uncertain point of time. However, the present situation of uncertainty didn’t affect some other businesses. For example, we at BusinessKrafts and at some other subsidiary businesses of us, are mostly unaffected by the adverse situation. We are doing our businesses as usual.

The most important thing is that how you are prepared to meet a difficult time.

No one had ever seen that such a drastic time will come. But that happened. Many businesses suffered. But there are yet some other those didn’t get affected. Those didn’t suffer already had big digitals assets with them.

Local and small businesses might not have great digital assets like fully automated dynamic websites and web apps, rich contents, adequate SEO activities, prudent social media presence, etc. But they can definitely have some cost effective and easily manageable online presence. The most important thing in this category is local SEO. It’s all about making your business prominent for your customers in your proximity or in your city.

You can do local SEO by a very powerful tool offered by Google at completely free of cost. It’s Google My Business.

The Importance of Google My Business or Local SEO

Local SEO through Google My Business is a very powerful tool that helps businesses operating locally get found by their existing and potential customers through Google Search and Google Map. It can help you in getting more customers, growing your business and getting in touch with your customers. It’s a simple and very effective business and customer management tool.

How can Google My Business Help You?

Local SEO through Google My Business can help you in multiple ways. Few of those are –

  1. If someone looks for a product or a service to get in his/her proximity or city, can find your business through searching on Google. For example, if someone search for ‘car repair near me’ or ‘best restaurant in Navi Mumbai’ by using Google Search through a smart phone, he/she will find relevant businesses having good local SEO on his phone.
  2. Anyone can find driving or walking direction to your business through Google Map, if your business cares for local SEO through Google My Business.
  3. Your customer can easily call you by taping the phone number available with your business listing on Google and place an online/telephonic order.
  4. Anyone can message you through your business listed on Google for a query or for an order
  5.  Your existing customer can rate and review your business for further customers.
  6. You can post your business updates on Google for important notifications or upcoming events, offers, etc.
  7. You can offer a sale on Google through Google My Business
  8. You can showcase your products or services with images, features, prices, offers, and full description.
  9. You can get a free but beautiful website with Google My Business.
  10. You can directly drive customers to your business website from Google Map or local business list.
  11. You can promote your business at the top of Google Search by investing very low amount.

There are a lot of many other benefits that you can perform by listing your business on Google through My Business profile.

How to List Your Business on Google?

Listing a business on Google is very easy. Just follow the bellow simple steps to get your business listed on Google.

Google My Business Home Page
  1. Visit Google My Business and login with your Google account credentials
  2. Enter your business name
  3. Enter complete address of your business with area PIN Code.
  4. Enter category and sub-category of your business
  5. List your products or services
  6. Enter your business phone number and some other details
  7. Click on ‘Submit’ and wait for around 12 days to receive the verification code through registered post.
  8. When you receive the code, click on ‘verify now’.

Your business is now fully listed on Google and verified for authenticity. You can get all the benefits of your Google listing as described previously.

Dos and Don’ts – The Best things to Do with Google My Business

To ensure that your business will be well ranked on Google Search and Map, you have to do some good practice as follows:

Do with Google Business Listing

  1. Update your business profile on regular basis
  2. Post adequate photos and videos of your business on regular basis
  3. Update your customers about any changes in your business
  4. Post regularly on prices, offers, events, special occasions, etc.
  5. Accept or reject any update from other Google users about your business
  6. Inform your customers about the opening and closing hours of your business along with holidays.
  7. Ensure that all the information along with the phone number provided are valid
  8. Link your Google business profile to your business website
  9. Respond promptly to each message you receive
  10. Respond positively and gently to all review you receive from your customers
  11. Encourage your customers to rate your business, write reviews, follow and share your business profile
  12. Occasionally post some offers or discount through your Google Business List
  13. Regularly check your performance on Google through insight reports and take necessary action as required
  14. Invest in advertising on Google to get more sales

Don’t with Your Google Business Listing

  1. Never put any false information through your Google Business. It may lead to suspend your listing
  2. Ensure that all the information you put on the listing are accurate and verifiable. If Google can’t verify, the information will not be shown to your customers.
  3. Never make more than one listing on Google. If Google will find duplicate listing information from any source, it may suspend all the listings. You may not get a second chance to relist your business, if you will be found wrong.
  4. Never attempt to put fake positive review about your business. Although immediately Google may not evaluate the authenticity of the reviews, within few months Google can know the facts and might suspend your business.
  5. Never react negatively to negative reviews. Try to improve customer services instead of reacting towards negative reviews.
  6. Never let a review or a message from a customer responded. Both your customers and Google love your promptness in responding.
  7. Never ignore the negative insight report. Try to improve your business profile with regular activities.
  8. Never stuff keywords in the name or description of your business. Everything should look natural

With the above few good practices, your business listing on Google can gradually get higher rank on Google search and map.

Best Google My Business Practices During the Pandemic

Along with the above best practices, during this pandemic situation, you should take some additional measures.

If your business is already listed on Google, you should check whether all the information is correct or not. Your customer may not visit your location at present, but they can find you and purchase your products or services through your business information.

Most importantly, your phone number on your business profile should be active and valid. It will help your customers to place orders through calls. Telephonic order placing has increased by 230% during a year.

If your business is not yet verified, verify it soon to ensure that your business is visible to your customer on Google.

If your phone number is not yet verified by automated Google Boot, write immediately to the Google Support Team.

Always follow the policy guidelines by Google.

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